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In the late 60’s, I taught P.E.T. for several years and then taught S.T.E.P. for another fifteen years. If The Parent’s Toolshop had been around back then, I would have definitely chosen it above those other curricula. I like the way the toolsets are put together and the whole process of putting it into categories. The logical sequence makes it so easy to use. I am so impressed with this program, I am requiring all of our therapists to take the training. I also want several of them to become certified Toolshop Tour Guides, so we can provide this valuable program in Columbus. I plan to keep several copies of the book in the office, so we can provide them to the parents we serve. – – Millie McCarty, M.A., L.P.C., President & Executive Director, Lighthouse Counseling Inc., Columbus, Ohio

I am really impressed by your instructor certification process. I appreciate that you want (and need) to be know who you are training and how they are using your materials. I’ve been involved in other training programs where instructors go out and train others — but add their own “twist” — and then wonder why it doesn’t work as well for them! – – Janet Mease, Early Intervention Specialist, US Naval Hospital, Parent’s Toolshop Group Facilitator Applicant, Okinawa, Japan

I like The Parent’s Toolshop because it is such a flexible and well designed curriculum and can be used in a variety of settings and with different populations. Parents enjoy the activities and have fun while learning to become more effective parents. The program is very well organized and very thorough and addresses all parenting issues. I have taught hundreds of parents using this wonderful program and have received positive feedback from all the parents.– Nancy Ordonia, BSW, Family Resource Specialist, Early Head Start, Certified Parent’s Toolshop Group Facilitator Consultant, Niceville, Florida

I’m really excited about sharing this information with other parents at my church. Your ideas are consistent with other resources I’m familiar with, but there are some things in their books I disagree with and I get so frustrated picking and choosing and screening them. It is so nice to finally find a resource that has done that for me. I can completely trust that it is comprehensive and accurate. – – Marla Hurst, parent, Adult Education teacher, Certified Parent’s Toolshop Group Facilitator, Columbus, Ohio

I am getting my first class formed, using The Parent’s Toolshop. I am excited most about the thoroughness of the book and the easy-to-visualize framework. I chose this book over other courses, because of the clarity and consistency with which it addresses an amazing range of parenting issues. In fact, by using the universal blueprint, it addresses every possible parenting dilemma. I will be sharing this course with hundreds of parents in the Westerville schools and churches. – – Holly Anderson, M.Ed., RN, NCC, therapist, Certified Parent’s Toolshop Group Facilitator, Columbus, Ohio

  The Parent’s Toolshop philosophy and overall presentation is the most comprehensive, consistent, and impressive I’ve seen. It is well organized, well-received by those who use it, and conveys a sense of joy and commitment from the author. – – Pam Bonsper, M.A., Certified Parent’s Toolshop Group Facilitator, Carmel, CA

I like The Parent’s Toolshop because it focuses more on the positive aspects of parent-child interaction as opposed to discipline and punishment; also because it is practical in its approach rather than theoretical. In addition, there are a lot of devices for remember the proper steps to take, so parents can really make the method “theirs.” – – Bryelle Broome, LSW, LPC, Parent Involvement Coordinator, DPS Head Start Program, Certified Parent’s Toolshop Group Facilitator, Dayton, OH

As a K-8 teacher of physical education and art with a strong emphasis on social skills and “character education,” I easily practice The Parent’s Toolshop concepts in my work setting. They help strengthen my interactions with students, parents and co-workers. I experience great joy and a sense of renewed hope by helping others feel empowered to take responsibility for their lives–all the while learning myself, as well. – –Maureen Hamilton, Certified Parent’s Toolshop Tour Guide, Centerville, OH

The Parent Toolshop is an effective, no nonsense approach to dealing with issues all children and parents may face, regardless of age, race, or income. When teaching with this method, you can almost see the light come on in the parents’ heads! – – Jill Parker, Community Educator, Positive Parenting Program, Montgomery County Combined Health District, Certified Parent’s Toolshop Group Facilitator, Dayton, OH

I’ve had great success teaching The Parent’s Toolshop to a variety of clients. The book is easy to read, the material is practical and the information is fun to present. Parents enjoy the personal stories in the book from the author and graduates. The exercises at the end of each chapter are helpful to do before using the “tools” in real-life situations. I’ve worked with several different parenting resources, and The Parent’s Toolshop is the best by far. It has EVERYTHING all wrapped up into one book! – –Cambra Mockabee, LSW, Correctional Program Specialist, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Certified Parent’s Toolshop Group Facilitator, Springboro, Ohio

As a parent, educator and program administrator, I have found the tools I learned from Parent’s Toolshop beneficial in all interpersonal situations. Parent’s Toolshop is certainly an excellent program for developing parenting skills but it also provides solid strategies useful in management, supervision and even marriage! – – Lynn Stephens, Chief Operations Officer, Okaloosa-Walton Child Care Services, A Resource and Referral Agency, Certified Parent’s Toolshop Group Facilitator, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

I chose Parent’s Toolshop because it is an “empowering “tool for parents — and anyone trying to improve their relationships with others. As a licensed drug and alcohol counselor, I like using a down-to-earth approach and practical tools. I see positive changes in parents who have few skills or are too negative or violent. The props, visual aids, real-life practice situations and role plays help clarify and simplify the teachings. The house analogy works well with the rural, hard-working laborers and various learning styles I work with. Many thanks. – – Karen Kennard Gordon, LCDCIII, Art Teacher, Parents Toolshop Group Facilitator  

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