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Court-Affiliated Professionals refer to
Parents Toolshop® Classes by Name!

There are many parenting classes in the Dayton area and we fund most of them. Our statistics show that none have even come close to achieving the results your classes achieve on a consistent basis. Linda Taylor, Community Initiatives Program Funding, United Way of Greater Dayton, OH

Parents Toolshop® classes are absolutely the best in the Miami Valley. They are our first choice when referring parents. In addition to the high quality of the program itself, it is the only program that provides us with a comprehensive report that we can use for future case planning. Other programs rarely give us any information, but Toolshop® classes give us a pre/post assessment of their skills, the parent’s strengths and weaknesses, any evidence of abuse or neglect, and recommendations. We believe so strongly in the value of Parents Toolshop® classes that we actually specify the program by name in a parent’s court order. Sandra Frederick, Mediation Counselor, Montgomery County Domestic Relations Court


Single & Divorced Parents
Like Parents Toolshop® Classes

I especially like the Universal Blueprint®. It gives me a tangible, visual way to organize all that I learned and use the ‘tools’ to their full potential. My professional training uses similar teaching methods, so it’s great to learn about parenting using the same process. Parenting is never easy, but this book makes it easy to understand. Mike Lowery, father of eight children

This book is incredible. Every chapter is so comprehensive. I learn so much. When I finish a chapter I think the next one can’t possibly be as good – – but it always is! I’ve read many books by the likes of Scott Peck, Stephen Covey and Melody Beattie. The Parent’s Toolshop pulls it all together and shows you how to live these revelations. This book is not just about parenting. Jeff Smith, father of two children

I recommend the class to anyone that has the desire to prepare their children for the real world that waits them. — Mark Pfiffner, father of two children

The Parent’s Toolshop has given me some great tools to improve my relationships with both my children and others that I work, meet, and deal with. It has shown me areas that I can improve in for how I relate with my children. It has reinforced and strengthened areas in my life. I have the book now as a resource to go back to and refer to over the coming years. Garth Stolz, father of two children

What I really got out of The Parent’s Toolshop was how to control my temper, not to shout and yell so much about everything that happens and to spend a little more time with my children and other kids in the neighborhood. — Charles Epps, father of three children

I liked this book because it gave me power – not over my child, but over the situation and myself. It also empowers my children to be in control of themselves. I’m spending less time being in power struggles and she’s learning to make choices. I know, now, that there is going to be a solution to every problem. I especially like the fact that the book tells me what to do, instead of what not to do. Bonnie Sessely, single mother of one child

For the past three weeks, my son and I have had the most peaceful times in years! I didn’t want to admit that I was the one that needed changing, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I know that I am basically teaching myself the concepts, but if you hadn’t had the forethought or the ideas to begin with, I wouldn’t be this much farther ahead. Thanks for all your efforts, from the bottom of my heart.” — Mary Keferl, single mother of a teenage son


Parents Toolshop® Classes Help
Non-Divorced Parents Build Teamwork!

“I was so impressed with the change in my wife’s parenting, I had to take this class just to find out what happened!” — Ben Cohen

“My wife and I have agreed more about our parenting in the past three weeks than we have in the past three years!” — Joe Hood


Parents Toolshop® Classes Benefit
Foster & Adoptive Parents

I wanted to let you know how much our agency enjoyed your Parent’s Toolshop® presentation. Our foster parents said the information was very beneficial with their biological children, as well as with their foster children. We were particularly fond of the real life applications of the material, the detailed illustrations in the book, and the great use of diagrams and pictures you used to explain the skills involved. I feel that our staff and foster parents would greatly benefit from another training. Thomas W. Tamplin, Coordinator of Community Relations, Youth Services Network of Southwest Ohio

As always with your workshops, our foster parents walked away with a lot of food for thought. You bring a lot of positive energy and your professionalism and down-to-earth language helps them relax and learn. Chris Noble and the staff at Montgomery County Children Services, Dayton, Ohio

This class has taught me skills to cope with my children. Our family is now talking and listening to each other. The kids are more enjoyable and learning the skills themselves. — Candace McCabe, foster parent

I was upset when I was told I’d have to take a parenting class before adopting a child. I thought it would be a waste of time, since I already knew a lot about parenting. I was so wrong! The class turned out to be a great experience! I learned a lot of very practical, get-us-through-the-day techniques to make my philosophy and expectations a reality. Take this class. I guarantee you’ll learn something that will make you an even better parent than you already are. Connie Collett, from her article in “The Legacy,” a newsletter for adoptive parents, Winter 1996

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Parents Toolshop® Classes Help Parents Who
Have Been Incarcerated or in Rehab

I’ve had great success teaching Parent’s Toolshop® classes to a variety of clients. The book is easy to read, the material is practical and the information is fun to present. I’ve worked with several different parenting resources, and The Parent’s Toolshop is the best by far. It has EVERYTHING all wrapped up into one book! — Cambra Mockabee, LSW, Correctional Program Specialist, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Certified Parent’s Toolshop Group Facilitator.

As the Social Worker here at Mercy Manor, I want to thank you for the “Life Skills” program you provided to the women here. It was so beneficial to our residents, who are coming back to the community after incarceration and drug rehabilitation. So many of our women have limited parenting skills and regardless if the woman had minor children or not, you brought your past, present, and future issues and experiences to the sessions to make it relevant for each participant. The program became an integral part of the client’s weekly activities. They especially benefitted from the interactive activities you used in your presentations and your style of allowing the residents to become co-instructors. This gave residents a new vision of themselves. Cindy Elms, MSW, LSW, Mercy Manor, Dayton, Ohio

This is the first book I ever bought–and I’m a Grandma! I read it and use it every day. I showed it to my daughter and she, too, is using it. — Mary Beth, client at Women’s Recovery Center, Xenia, OH


Parents Toolshop® Classes Benefit Parents
Involved with Protective Service

We serve over 1000 children who live in out-of-home-care settings and a large number of children who are living in their own homes where there are parenting and other safety issues. Many of the families we serve lack the basic parenting skills necessary to provide adequate parenting to their children. The Parents Toolshop® class was perfect for our families. The response was very favorable and the class was well attended. The documented outcomes and attendees’ evaluations were also all positive. — Donna Merrill, LSW, Montgomery County Childrens Services Board, Dayton, Ohio

Montgomery County Children Services has used The Parent’s Toolshop for several classes. The classes are helpful and the tools used in class can be good resources to use after completion of the program. Jody is very thorough with the pre and post test as well as individual reports after completion. I would highly recommend this class to any parents needing ideas for better parenting. – Stacia Burlingame, Montgomery County Childrens Services Board, Dayton, Ohio

Whenever my husband (a Juvenile Court employee) or I (a protective service worker) want to refer a parent to parenting classes, We always refer them to Parent’s Toolshop® classes. Often, parents are resistant to going. I tell them to just attend one session and if they don’t like it, we’ll find some other way for them to get the parenting information they need. Every parent who attends comes back after the first session so excited. They all say, “I love it!” Many want to attend the class more than once or attend other classes that are part of the Toolshop® program offerings. Now I want to take to the class to see what everyone’s talking about! Naomi Ewald, Social Worker, Montgomery County Children’s Services, Dayton, OH

Jody, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to attend your classes as part of my internship. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the class and learning from you. You are an excellent teacher and speaker. I know I have gained skills that I will carry with me throughout my life. Your kindness and personal investment in me has been encouraging. I have learned from you at a professional level as well and have observed your interactions with clients. You treat them with dignity and respect and that was valuable to see in action. Thank you for your commitment to making healthier families. I know you are touching many! Kindsay Wirt, intern for Mont. Co. Childrens Services, Dayton, OH

I feel a significant positive change in my parenting attitude and behavior. I am already witnessing a change in my child’s choices and awareness. I am pleased with the fact that my child is the main beneficiary of this class and with it came life lessons and lifestyle methods that, if used properly, will make me capable of creating happy, healthy relationships. These tools are bringing out the side of my parenting that had been sitting in the shadows unused. I am becoming the mother I want to be. Thank you so much.Elizabeth Ann Dils, Dayton, OH

This program was excellent. It totally opened my eyes to parenting. It not only taught me about parenting my child, but also helped me realize things about my childhood and why I reacted to situations as I did. It made me look at parenting a whole new way. I would recommend this class to everyone. — Tabitha Markley, Dayton, OH

I liked that Jody stressed the fact that she would never teach us what not to do without first teaching us alternatives to try that have been proven to work. I learned so many tools in the class that will benefit me as a parent and as a partner. I was hesitant and skeptical about enrolling in the class and now I am so glad that I did. – Robin Laake, Kettering, OH 

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