You KNOW Today's World is Different Than When YOU Were a Child --- But are Children Different, too?

Parents Toolshop® can empower and equip you with a unique, reliable problem-solving system you can personalize to your needs, so you can prevent or respond effectively to any parenting challenge with any child, any age, any time --- in seconds!

Parents have been raising children for eons, without any books, classes, or "experts."  

The science of parenting started around the 1940's, almost 80 years ago! Human beings don't biologically or psychologically change much in 80 years, even 800 years, so children have not changed much since then. 

The first parenting education programs started in the 1960's, based on this research. More recent research has confirmed most of the initial findings, and explains more about why children are the way they are, based on recent brain science.

Parents Toolshop® was created in 1992, based on a 10-year literature study of hundreds of proven-effective research-based parenting programs to date, and is constantly updating, based on new research and current events. But you know what?

In the 30 years we've been teaching our core parenting skills training we've continued adding new programs based on current events that parents (and their children) are facing. Only one teaching had to change as new research emerged. Otherwise, everything The Parents Toolshoop® teaches has been confirmed by ongoing research!

So what does this mean?

YOU and other parents today are facing all the common challeges almost all parents have historically facedincluding those we feature in our Done4U Solutions Resources: Getting Children to Bed, Asleep, and Staying there all Night ---  Homework Hassles –-- Morning Madness --- Teaching Children how to Clean & do Chores --- Picky Eaters --- Sibling Squabbles --- Temper Tantrums --- Basic Bullying --- and many more.

PLUS you are facing NEW ISSUES & CHALLENGES in this new milleneum and global community that no other generation of parents (or children) have ever had to face! These are the topics we discuss on our live Parents Tool Talk® Show, we we interview experts and discuss topics like: social media --- access to technology 24/7 --- cyberbullying --- school shootings --- gun violence --- and more.

While you are in new territory, children are still human beings whose development hasn't fundamentally changed and current research still supports using the "proven-effective" skills parents have been advised to use for decades. So it's really only the ISSUES that are different, so parenting how you were parenting will no longer be enough for your children to get by on. So what does that mean?

Children need empowered and equipped with the skills, characteristics, and qualities they need to successfully navigate today's ever-changing world, with all its temptations and pitfalls. So YOU need to be empowered with a parenting system that equips YOU with the knowlege and mastery of parenting skills that can teach and guide your children --- each child, through each stage and situation, based on their individual needs and your family values.

Parents Toolshop® offers a proprietary parenting system that give you the special language and action tools to:
- Prevent many common parenting problems from ever starting.
- Respond effectively to challenges that do arise, based on that child, in that moment, at that age, in that situation.
- Open the lines of communication so you can connect more deeply with your children,
- Empower you and your children with valuable life and relationship skills, and
- Take your relationship to a whole new level, so you enjoy every minute together.

Below is a description of the transformational journey most parents experience as they move through The Parents Toolshop®. You can choose to start anywhere, because they are all inter-related. 



Solutions 4 Parenting Issues That Matter 2U!

If you discovered The Parent’s Toolshop® while searching for a solution to a particular parenting challenge or issue, then you probably want to get more information about that issue or a solution to that problem.

Parents Toolshop® offers practical step-by-step solutions that often resolve the most common parenting challenges and issues. You can choose from a variety of formats, including articles, books, audios and videos.

These are not cookie-cutter solutions: "If your child is doing this, do this." Instead, they reveal the underlying reasons why the problem may be happening. Then, based on which reason fits your situation, there are step-by-step directions to follow to resolve that core issue. This is how you get personalized solutions that bring lasting results!



Get Empowered 2 Think 4 Yourself

Are you tired of putting out fires, getting triggered, not knowing what to say or do, and having to use trial-and-error? Then you'll want to be more empowered to prevent problems from happening and find effective responses quickly and independently.

The Done4U Solutions get great results, because they were created using Parents Toolshop®'s unique problem-solving system. By learning the system yourself, you can personalize the plan to your needs and find a helpful response to any parenting challenge you face!

Depending on how deeply you want learn the system, have breakthroughs, and experience transformation, Parent’s Toolshop® offers several levels at which you can learn the system: introductory, basic, intermediate and advanced.



Become a More Conscious Parent

If you are or want to be a more proactive, conscious parent, you'll want to move beyond putting out fires. If you have learned the Parenting Plan 2 Personalize, you won't need to think about what to say and do anymore; it will be second nature.

Then, you'll want to dive more deeply into exploring the aha-moments you've experienced so far in your Parents Toolshop® training journey.

If you do, you'll create even deeper connections with your children (and others) and 
see challenges and triggers as reflections of where you need to heal and clean up baggage --- not only in your parenting relationships, but all your relationships and every area of your life.

After this course, you will look at all your relationships as spiritual teachers and know that challenges aren't something you have to go through, but opportunities you can grow through.


Once you’ve gotten results or experienced your transformation, you will want to tell everyone you know about Parents Toolshop®! You’ll become the go-to person in your circle, who seems to know what to say and do in almost any parenting situation ---- because you know a proven parenting plan --- and will want others to learn the plan, too.

If you aren’t interested in 
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