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I have read numerous articles, magazines, and books which addressed parenting issues, attended lectures, and met with counselors in the past. Yet, I have never attended a class a thorough, well-organized and interesting as The Parent’s Toolshop. I gained so much more than I ever expected when I signed up for this class. The most rewarding aspect was seeing positive results at home with my son, who is diagnosed with A.D.H.D. These techniques really work!! – – Rebecca Streeter, Riverside, Ohio

Jody’s classes are exciting and fun. We learned not only what the tools are, but how and when to use them. Anyone who’s interested in being a better parent can benefit from her classes and book. I’ve recommended her to dozens of friends and co-workers and they’ve all been pleased with the material and her presentation. She’s been an inspiration to me and helped me become the parent I wish I had.– – Lynn Ervin-Dale, Beavercreek, Ohio

I was upset when I was told I’d have to take a parenting class beforeadopting a child. I thought it would be a waste of time, since I already knew a lot about parenting. I was so wrong! The class turned out to be a great experience! I learned a lot of very practical, get-us-through-the-day techniques to make my philosophy and expectations a reality. Take this class. I guarantee you’ll learn something that will make you an even better parent than you already are. – – Connie Collett, from her article in “The Legacy,” a newsletter for adoptive parents, Winter 1996

This class and book brought me such inner peace and improved my relationship with not only my grandson, but also my adult children! It will benefit not only you and your children, but everyone you come in contact with. – – Nancy Gilmore, grandparent, Kettering, Ohio

I enjoy attending parenting classes and have attended several, but this one I feel was more helpful with the book, which really got the information across better than the other classes I’ve taken. – – Julie Barnhart, Dayton, Ohio

The skills in this course are so well presented. The examples make the skills easy to understand and apply to your own situations. It is a course (and book) that I will keep referring to. – – Barbara Lehman, Centerville, Ohio

My relationship with my step-children has always been tense. Before I finished the class, my relationships had improved dramatically. One night my step-daughter left a rose and note on my pillow that said, “Thanks for knowing how to listen and for being there for me. I love you.” I never thought that could happen! – – Andrea Rabiner, Englewood, Ohio

I was so impressed with the change in my wife’s parenting, I had to take this class just to find out what happened! – – Ben Cohen, New York, New York

I recommend the class to anyone that has the desire to prepare their children for the real world that waits them. – – Mark Pfiffner, Huber Heights, Ohio

I recommend this class to anyone! It teaches life skills. The lessons I have learned have brought peace to our household. I enjoy my children more. – – Julia Belden, Centerville, Ohio

At work, I have weekly, quarterly, and yearly goals. To achieve these goals, I develop a plan that I think (and hope) will work. I attend workshops, seminars, and classes to learn better methods to work my plan. The Parent’s Toolshop has the same effect on working my parenting plan. Knowledge is power. – – Rich Munn, Oakwood, Ohio

My wife and I have agreed more about our parenting in the past three weeks than we have in the past three years! – – Joe Hood, Kettering, Ohio

No matter how skilled you think you are, this course can really give you very effective ways to parent that you never thought of before. – – Rudy Thoms, Dayton, Ohio

This class has taught me skills to cope with my children. Our family is now talking and listening to each other. The kids are more enjoyable and learning the skills for themselves. – – Candace McCabe, parent, foster parent, Dayton, Ohio

These classes have helped so much. Many things we discussed I would never have thought of or used. Thanks Jody!! – – Debby Wysong, Dayton, Ohio

I can’t thank you enough. You have absolutely changed my life. Not only have I learned more effective parenting skills, but my entire style of parenting has changed! I am so much more calm, confident, and consistent. – – Amy Reed, Dayton, Ohio

The entire essence of my personality has been power and control. From Vietnam to being a business owner. I am so much more calm, handle problems more consistently, and am able to control my temper and ‘buttons’ better. If I can change, anyone can! – – Craig Rabiner, Englewood, Ohio

Parenting is kind of my hobby. I have attended every parenting class in the Miami Valley area and this one is, by far, the best. I’ve now taken every class Jody offers! – – Brenda Davies, Centerville, Ohio

I was brought up in boarding schools in Lebanon, so I had no role models for parenting. When I escaped from Kuwait and came to America I realized how different Arab culture is from American. My son used to be so uncontrollable. I would try to reason with him but nothing worked, so I finally ended up punishing him, which also didn’t work. This class has changed our whole family. Now I feel like I know what to do, I am more consistent, and my son is much more cooperative. – – Rosie Terzian, Kettering, Ohio

I learned a lot of things about myself and how my parents were! I do a lot of things different now with my kids and husband and it really does work. – – Amanda Kallmeyer, Huber Heights, Ohio

I want to thank you for opening my eyes to a more effective way of raising kids. Your Universal Blueprint is somewhat an answer to prayers. I know that with enough patience and perseverance these techniques will work. I have already seen results (after having just completed my 8 week course). Thanks again! – – Julie Dill, Huber Heights, Ohio

I really enjoyed this class. I learned a lot about myself, children and others. I would strongly suggest people take this class. It helps you in so many different areas of your life and it encourages healthy positive relationships. – – Itasca C. Bryant, Dayton, Ohio

This program was excellent. It totally opened my eyes to parenting. It not only taught me about parenting my child, but also helped me realize things about my childhood and why I reacted to situations as I did. It made me look at parenting a whole new way. I would recommend this class to everyone. – – Tabitha Markley, Huber Heights, Ohio

Applying the tools from just the first week had positive results! I am now responding instead of reacting. My son has noticed a difference — I am calmer, don’t yell as much and we come to a solution to problems more quickly, with less friction and everyone is happier. As a single father, my skills left me in a very bad place. I am much more confident in my ability to succeed as a single parent. — Phil Jones, OH

My relationship with my 12-year old has improved tremendously after learning and applying the communication and discipline skills learned in this class. Last week I asked her if she thought her discipline was fair and that I treated her fairly. She said yes, but that I was not before. She is learning that she is responsible for her own actions and decisions. Therefore, she is also responsible for the consequences. — Donna Armand, Huber Heights, OH


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Years later, here’s what graduates say…


I’m so glad I took this class four years ago. My children are confident and well adjusted. I believe it’s due to the great foundation I’ve received from learning and using the skills form your classes. It was truly beneficial to me in dealing with my children, adult relationships and learning more about myself. – – Jacki George, Springboro, Ohio

Now that my son is almost eighteen and I see what a wonderful young man he is, I realize parenting is not all “luck.” I truly believe that 90% is because of the concepts I learned from you, when he was only three — and I’ll be forever grateful to you for that. I had no role model for parenting to look back on. I learned healthy parenting from YOU, and it’s given me the most valuable thing in my life, a healthy, close relationship with my son. – – Eva Polichany, Springboro, Ohio

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