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One of the parent education curricula our students reviewed in our Methods course which is part of a masters and certificate program in parenting education and support is The Parents Toolshop. In our first run, it was one of the best curricula reviewed. The student reviewer said it was fascinating, full of wonderful practical ideas and talked about next steps she had for using it. Having a sample of your curricula also allowed us to become better acquainted with your work. You have truly put together a tool box for parents and parenting educators. We’re adding the manual to our library for future use and will include The Parents Toolshop curricula when we teach the course again. — Harriet Heath, Ph.D., visiting faculty School of New Learning, DePaul University and Director, The Parent Center Child Study Institute and Thorne School, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA, and Dr. Dana McDermott, resident faculty, and coordinator of the Parenting Education and Support Programs, School for New Learning, DePaul University, Chicago, IL.

One of my favorite books is Jody Pawel’s “Parents Toolshop.” Whenever I provide training of trainers, I mention this book to parenting educators. It is an extraordinarily comprehensive and understandable compendium of key parenting education principles expressed in clear, concrete language. Some parents might find it overwhelming but it can be read in bits and pieces. This is another book I consider a must for all parenting educators. – Ruth Ettenberg Freeman, LCSW, Positive Parenting, CT

A simple thank you for your years of hard work, incredible energy and expertise. You do a fantastic job providing great service not only to parents, families, trainers and those you train, but also to folks like me who are in constant need of sources of information and wisdom and knowledge that is effective. And, it is not only effective, it is so well done, in content and design and presentation. Your web pages knocks me out!! I have referred lots of people and continue to…teachers, family school coordinators, day care workers, parents and grandparents to the cornucopia of subjects and skills you have collected and offer us all. “Thank You” seems so inadequate, but at this point it’s all the mastery of language I can come up with. — Jim Rogers, M.Ed. CFLE, Parent and Family Life Educator, Coastal Carolina University, Conway/Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

One of the best books for parents that I have seen is The Parent’s Toolshop by Jody Pawel. I use it as an undergraduate textbook in my Parenting and Family Relations class and recommend it to parents as well. — Heidi E. Stolz, Ph.D., Co-Director, Center for Parenting, University of Tennessee

I especially like the Universal Blueprint. I can apply the skills in any situation and get the maximum use from them. I’ve used some of these skills separately before, but there always seems to be something that fell through the cracks. This pulls everything together. – – Dorothy Scott, M.A. Lighthouse Christian Counseling, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

Your book is such a wonderful contribution in helping parents. I love your use of the house diagram in presenting the material. It presents the information in a clear and logical manner. It’s simplicity aids parents when turmoil strikes. In the fourteen years that I have worked with children with emotional and behavioral issues, your presentation is unique in addressing some obvious problems and problem-solving skills to be used. – – Linda Nicely, LSW, Supervisor, Youth Services Network of Southwest Ohio, Inc.

This book presents a practical, positive approach to working and living with children. I recommend it highly to parents, teachers, and any person who touches the life of a child. I wish this book had been available when my son was a child. – – Elizabeth M. Engelhardt, Administrator, St. Rita Child Care Center, Adjunct Faculty E.C.E., Clark State Community College, Springfield, Ohio.

I would advise anyone who is a parent or who works with children to consider buying The Parent’s Toolshop and to attend Jody Pawel’s presentations. The advice is simple, yet specific and is presented in a very non-judgmental, accepting way. As parents, teachers, and counselors, we need to know as many “tools of the trade” as we can. There’s so much at stake. – – Teresa D. Miller, M.S. Ed., Springboro High School Guidance Counselor, Ohio

The Parent’s Toolshop is an excellent resource for helping parents raise secure and responsible children. It The book and class provide an easy to follow guide for parenting children of all ages. I highly recommend this for all families. – – Sylvia Rodberg, Elementary School Guidance Counselor, Springboro Community Schools, Ohio

The Parent’s Toolshop is an outstanding resource for practical, effective, and easily adoptable parenting methods. Anyone who is a parent, contemplating parenthood, or interested in understanding effective parenting will be richly rewarded reading this remarkable book. – – Robert L. Seufert, Ph.D., Marriage and Family Dept., Miami University of Middletown, Ohio

I think you have done a wonderful job with this material. The part of the material that I responded to first was the model. It is a good way to organize the material. I think students, workshop participants, and readers in general will find it a helpful guide for selecting which materials relate to specific kinds of situations. A model, a map, a guide, an organizer, a conceptual framework — by whatever name one might want to call it, it will be helpful to parents who seek to access the wide, wide world of parenting ideas. – – Sandra Taylor, MSW, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sociology, Antropology, and Social Work, University of Dayton, Ohio.

I am very impressed with The Parent’s Toolshop. I freely recommend the book and class both personally and professionally and hope many families continue to take advantage of this helpful information. I find it to be a great compliment to the other “parenting skills” theories and approaches I use in my work. Thank you for your contribution to this field. – – Jane Wenger Clemens, LISW, Adolescent Health and Wellness Center, Dayton Ohio.

The Parent’s Toolshop is absolutely excellent. It is appropriate for all human relationships. It’s very practical. You can use it right away. I have to compliment you on your research. It is exhaustive. You can tell you put your whole self into this, filling all the gaps. Like the anger management skills, I’ve never seen anything done so well. This is excellence, pure excellence. – –Donna Lehner, lay counselor, Lighthouse Christian Counseling, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

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