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Their Parent’s Toolshop TRAINING EXPERIENCE

There’s so much about The Parent’s Toolshop that I like. As a parent, it is so easy to react to problems. This offers so many healthy alternatives. As a counselor, I like the way I can apply the process to all relationships. There were so many things that even as a therapist, with all the training I’ve had, that I didn’t realize — like the myths about timeouts. I’ve been giving the same kind of advice lots of other professionals give — and assumed it must be right, because so many people believed it. This was a real eye-opener. – – Ken Rogiers, M.A., Lighthouse Christian Counseling, Inc.

This class has helped me tremendously both with the children I work with and other relationships. I feel more confident in my decisions with my job and I am growing in my skills, based on what I’ve learned. The book is an excellent reference and I know I’ll use it over and over again. – – Kathleen Lott, professional nanny

Whenever my husband (a Juvenile Court employee) or I (a protective service worker) want to refer a parent to parenting classes, I always refer them to The Parent’s Toolshop. Many times, parents are resistant to going. I tell them to just attend one session and if they don’t like it, we’ll find some other way for them to get the parenting information they need. Every parent who attends comes back after the first session so excited. They all say, “I love it!” Many want to attend the class more than once or attend other classes that are part of the Toolshop‘s programs. One father was particularly resistant about attending. He told me where I could “stick” the idea of going to a parenting class. After the first session, he said he liked the class so much he wanted to send a letter to all of my clients, telling them how great the class was and encouraging them to attend. Of course, I couldn’t release their names, but now I want to do to the class to see what everyone’s talking about! – – Naomi Ewald, Social Worker, Montgomery County Children’s Services Board

As a K-8 teacher of physical education and art with a strong emphasis on social skills and “character education,” I easily practice The Parent’s Toolshop concepts in my work setting. They help strengthen my interactions with students, parents and co-workers. I experience great joy and a sense of renewed hope by helping others feel empowered to take responsibility for their lives–all the while learning myself, as well. – –Maureen Hamilton, Centerville, OH, certified PTC Group Facilitator

As an educator, parent, and now a grandparent, I was delighted by the information Jody shared at our conference. Everything I believe and a lot of new information she shared helped me in all three roles I have. I bought her wonderful book for my adult children and one for me to use as I train professionals, advise my children and babysit my grandchildren! – – Betsy Sadler, Higher Education Coordinator, Division of Education, Communication & Information for the Texas Interagency Council on Early Childhood Intervention

Actual Evaluation Comments several conference workshops:

  • Very upbeat.
  • Jody speaks as a person on my level, willing to share her expertise.
  • Thanks SO much!! It was just what we needed!
  • Wonderful presenter! Good motivator!
  • Excellent presentation.
  • I loved Jody’s enthusiasm.
  • Liked the practice exercises.
  • I loved this class. Would love more info.
  • Covered a lot of useful ideas/approaches.
  • No wonder Jody is popular! What a fun presenter!
  • Wonderful ideas! Exciting, exuberant, gets everyone involved.
  • Outstanding! Generous w/knowledge and info. Dynamic, energizing style!
  • Best track I went to!
  • Need more workshops like this!
  • Very informative, kept it interesting. I liked the ideas & examples she shared. Best workshop I attended.

This is a fabulous resource for any parent. There is so much information that a parent can apply to any situation in any type of family, for any number of kids with any type of personality. It assumes we are all smart people who are good and respectful, and know what we are doing, but just need specific tools to use when stuck in situations we all get stuck in! I loved every chapter and got so much out of it. I can’t wait to read it for the second time. I would recommend this to teachers, too. They could apply much of what is offered in their classrooms. — Laura Ryzenman, licensed Counselor, Columbus, OH


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