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Parents to Toolshop Programs

Each year, since 1992, our agency receives dozens of requests from agencies and community groups to provide Parent’s Toolshop parenting programs to parents of all economic and cultural backgrounds. The programs are very popular and successful in achieving significant parenting skill improvement. We believe so much in this program that we regularly purchase the book for low-income parents who want to attend the program. Many of our professional staff members have also participated in a Toolshop training and/or purchased the book. The Parent’s Toolshop is a helpful resource for people of all skill levels. – – Ronald Eckerle, Ph.D., LISW, Executive Director, Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley, Dayton, Ohio

We serve over 1000 children who live in out of home care settings and a large number of other children who are living in their own homes where there are parenting issues as well as other safety issues are of concern for the children in these homes. Obviously, many of the families we serve are lacking in basic parenting skills necessary to provide adequate parenting to their children. Your type of course was perfect for our families. The response we had to your classes presented this fall was very favorable, well attended, and positive outcomes were documented, as well as reported by class attendees in their evaluations. – – Donna Merrill, LSW, Montgomery County Childrens Services Board, Dayton, Ohio

I wanted to let you know how much our agency enjoyed your presentation of The Parent’s Toolshop. Our foster parents said the information was very beneficial with their biological children, as well as with their foster children. We were particularly fond of the real life applications of the material, the detailed illustrations in the book, and the great use of diagrams and pictures you used to explain the skills involved. I feel that our staff and foster parents would greatly benefit from another training. – – Thomas W. Tamplin, Coordinator of Community Relations, Youth Services Network of Southwest Ohio

The Families Count parenting classes are absolutely the best in the Miami Valley. They are our first choice when referring parents. In addition to the high quality of the program itself, it is the only program that provides us with a comprehensive report that we can use for future case planning. Other programs rarely give us any information, but Jody gives us a pre/post assessment of their skills, the parent’s strengths and weaknesses, any evidence of abuse or neglect, and recommendations. We believe so strongly in the value of the parenting classes provided by the Families Count project that we actually specify the program by name in a parent’s court order. – –Sandra Frederick, Mediation Counselor, Montgomery CountyDomestic Relations Court, Dayton, Ohio

Whenever my husband (a Juvenile Court employee) or I (a protective service worker) want to refer a parent to parenting classes, I always refer them to The Parent’s Toolshop. Many times, parents are resistant to going. I tell them to just attend one session and if they don’t like it, we’ll find some other way for them to get the parenting information they need. Every parent who attends comes back after the first session so excited. They all say, “I love it!” Many want to attend the class more than once or attend other classes that are part of the Toolshop‘s programs. – – Naomi Ewald, Social Worker, Montgomery County Children Services Board

Parents Toolshop Programs

“We feel blessed to have found Jody Pawel. The response to her classes are phenomenal, both in attendance and feedback. Ms. Pawel systematically lays out a blueprint on how to parent effectively. She’s the child of parent educators herself and she shows people tools and how to sit down and learn how to use them. Her classes not only help in parenting, but also in any kind of relationships, for example, husband and wife, supervisor and worker, any relationship. The principles apply to anyone and Ms. Pawel presents them in ways that are fun, exciting and instructive.” – –Chaplain (Capt.) Kent Schmidt, Family Life Chaplain, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH

As the Social Worker here at Mercy Manor, I want to thank you for the “Life Skills” program you provided to the women here. It was so beneficial to our residents, who are coming back to the community after incarceration and drug rehabilitation. So many of our women have limited parenting skills and regardless if the woman had minor children or not, you brought your past, present, and future issues and experiences to the sessions to make it relevant for each participant. They especially benefitted from the manipulative activities you used in your presentations and your style of allowing the residents to become co-instructors. This gave residents a new vision of themselves. – – Cindy Elms, MSW, LSW, Mercy Manor, Dayton, Ohio

I want to thank you again for the fantastic parenting program presented at our Excellent Choice family meeting night. The program was interactive, informative, useful and fun. We were satisfied with the professionalism of your presentation as well as your ability to relate to our young parents. The parenting tool tips were of great benefit to our clients. – – Teresa L Smith, RN, BSN, Perinatal Outreach Nurse, Brighter Futures, Dayton, Ohio

Jody has given several excellent presentations to parent groups of varied backgrounds, education, and parenting skills with which I am associated. All have found the concepts, insights and examples used relate to their daily lives. Whenever I need a parenting presenter, Jody is the first one I approach.– – Sister Rose Margaret Broerman, Director, St. Mary Center’s Community Education and Outreach, Dayton, Ohio

As always with your workshops, our foster parents walked away with a lot of food for thought. You bring a lot of positive energy and your professionalism and down-to-earth language helps them relax and learn. – – Chris Noble and the staff at Montgomery County Children Services Foster Care Dept., Dayton, Ohio

Our staff enjoyed the “Improving Communication Skills” training. Even those with over 25 years of service found it practical and motivational. – –Anita Martin, Exec. Dir., Okaloosa-Walton Head Start, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Jody is our favorite parenting instructor because she is very knowledgeable, experienced, genuine, and a “natural” as a teacher. Our students are consistent in their positive reactions to her and the insights she brings to them. She motivates parents to learn more about their roles and responsibilities. – – Brenda Seufert, New Directions Counselor, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio

What a wonderful workshop! The comprehensiveness of the material was only exceeded by the excellence of the presentation. What we learned will help many other families in our church. – – Rev. Barry Keene, Christian Community Church, Westerville OH

“Wow! Wonderful! Super!” These are all comments I heard after your Parent-Teacher Organization talk. Thanks for the great information. – –Sylvia Rodberg, Elementary School Guidance Counselor, Springboro Community Schools, Ohio

Over the past several years, I have arranged for the author to present her parenting tools and blueprint to my university marriage and family class. The response of the class, which always includes parents, to her presentation and to the actual consequences of implementing her recommendations is always overwhelmingly positive. – – Robert L. Seufert, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Marriage and Family Dept., Miami University, Middletown, Ohio

Many parents told me how much they enjoyed your presentation. Many stated they went away with many useful ideas. They liked the way you did not talk “down to them,” but talked “with them.” One parent stated she respected what you had to say because she could tell that although you had a lot of knowledge about parenting, you recognized the fact that parenting is not an easy job and that you still make mistakes yourself. I will recommend your presentation to other schools in our district. Your presentation would also be very appropriate for teachers and other school staff members interested in helping students develop positive self images. – – Beth Shoaf, Principal, Buckeye Woods Elem. Sch., SouthWestern City Schools, Grove City, Ohio

Jody’s presentation at our conference was enthusiastically received by all the parents and professionals attending. Evaluations reflected the interest generated by the presentations and appreciation for Jody’s style and personal expertise. – – Betsy Sadler, Higher Education Coordinator, Division of Education, Communication & Information for the Texas Interagency Council on Early Childhood Intervention, Austin

The Media Raves About

Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE and

The Parents Toolshop book

     “Articulate…Energetic…Upbeat…Professional. All are vital qualities in a spokesperson — yet so rare to find packaged in one person. You’ll find them all in Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE. 
     Working with this child-raising authority for four years, I can attest to the fact that she is marvelous and super easy to work with. She asks good questions, accepts all challenges, and trusts our expertise.
     Media opportunities change quickly, requiring us to demand a lot of our clients. Always reliable, Jody completes the toughest request in the shortest period of time completely, beautifully and with her always-upbeat attitude. If you’ve spoken with her, you know what I’m talking about. She’s like that all the time! (In fact, on days I need a boost, I’ve been known to call her, just for a little dose of Jody-energy.)
     If I commit her for an interview at 3 o’clock in the morning, Jody will be there, on time, well-versed and prepared. One of my favorite clients to pitch, she knows her ‘stuff’ so well that she easily helps audiences solve their most difficult parenting problems by taking them through a few simple steps. With this, and her mountains of credibility (just check out her media placements!), she’ll can address any issue that helps parents raise healthy, happy children. 
     Loyal, dedicated, hard working and ‘smart’ working, I wholeheartedly recommend Jody Johnston Pawel as a parenting expert for your listeners and viewers.” — Tami DePalma, Partner, Marketability, “Book Promotion and Publicity With a Twist”

“Every talk host dreams of guests who can actually talk . . . knowledgeably . . . about a topic. Jody Johnston Pawel knows her stuff. I’ve been talking with “experts” for eight years, and I can, without reservation, tell you that Jody Pawel is worth having in to entertain and inform your guests.”— Cheri Russell Eresman, M.S., N.C.C., Talk Host, WHIO-AM radio

“I do this program 5 days a week. Regular listeners to the program know that we have a lot of parenting authors on the program. . . have for many years now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen – ever – any book as comprehensive. You can tell it’s a decade worth of work.” —  Dr. David McMillian, Host of Strategies for Living, KFL0-radio, Shreveport LA

“If I had a million dollars, I’d buy up all of Jody’s books and give them to everybody who has any kind of interaction with children at all. If you have kids–I don’t care what age–this book is IT. It’s like a parenting Bible.”   Rain Morgan, PhD, host of “Mother Earth and Family,” KUCI-FM, Anaheim, CA

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