Funding for Parents Toolshop® Services in Ohio Sought

The Parents Toolshop® is not just an award-winning book; it’s an evidence-based parent education program with 30 years of outstanding results with over 100,000 parents and professionals worldwide — and continuously in Ohio. Our original funder said of other programs, “Our statistics show that none have even come close to achieving the results your classes achieve on a consistent basis.“ As funding sources were cut, it had to become sponsor-supported or a fee-based offering.

Millions of dollars in Ohio have been given to parenting programs located outside the US and Ohio, that have less effective results than The Parents Toolshop® programs consistently achieve, and seem unaware and non-inclusive of minority groups unique to Ohio — simply because they were non-profit organizations that had already made lots of profits that helped them to grow their organization. (Parents Toolshop partners with non-profits but is a for-profit to legally protect the intellectual property rights of the authors/speakers it represents.)

Today, however, funds are finally available for which we are eligible to apply. So I will be submitting a proposal to multiple regions of the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund to assist us in providing free primary and secondary prevention services to parents. As we secure funding in each region we’ll be turning first to the Ohio-based family life professionals in our virtual community who are or want to become certified Parents Toolshop® Coaches and Group Facilitators on our team as paid contractors delivering coaching, live workshops, support groups, virtual training, support groups, and more. For me to coordinate this effort, I’ll be looking for OCWTP trainers who are willing to get certified in my foster parent curriculum and take over my travel speaking schedule. I also hope to fund a social media campaign that educates the general public and hope it goes viral beyond Ohio.

If you’d like to teach Parents Toolshop® courses, anywhere, get more information about the Parents Toolshop® Leader Certification process. If you are interested in getting started soon, let me know by signing up for the FREE “TIPS4Leaders Preview” course. It is normally only open by invitation only, but until we receive an answer about the grant, I’m opening it up so you can get started and we know who to keep informed as we hear back about the various grant applications we are submitting. 

Additional Information:

We will likely not receive funding to train trainers, only to train parents, so you would need to invest your time and resources initially. Once certified, you will be eligible to earn multiple streams of income estimated to be at least $10,000 a year and likely more.

The first step is to graduate from the Advanced TIPS course as only graduates are eligible to apply to be trainers. Being a graduate also gives you the “Toolshop®-informed” status, which is valuable if you present programs through RTITI. It’s like our seal-of-approval and lets participants know we’ve vetted you, you’ve learned our teachings, and they can trust that what you teach will be consistent with Toolshop® teachings.

P.S. If we don’t get the grant, you can still create multiple streams of income for your practice by receiving one of our Leader Certifications (we have more than just parenting). Our Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop® Advanced course is almost available online. The pre-requisite course to get certified to teach all the workshops in the series + stand alone workshops is already ready. I’m already looking for OCWTP-approved trainers in different regions of Ohio who are interested in taking over my in-person travel engagements in your area so neither of us has to travel overnight.

P.S.S. If you aren’t in Ohio, you can also start bringing in multiple streams of income to your practice through our various certification programs, which we’ll be expanding and marketing nationally after these grant programs are up and running later this year. In addition to all of our curricula you can get certified to teach (get certified in the main course and add-on niches like foster parents), you can share your programs with our virtual community. See some of those options here.



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