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Parent educators have the unique task of educating diverse groups of parents about a multitude of topics, each related to understanding their child’s development and building the parents’ skills. Often, parent educators must create their own programs and research hundreds of resources to compile the right combination of topic modules to fit their needs.

The author of The Parents Toolshop is a second-generation parent educator who has been training parents for over 25 years and training parent educators for over 15 years — and she’s happy to share her expertise and resources with you.

Check out the dozens of resources we have for parent educators:

Use our award-winning book, The Parent’s Toolshop: The Universal Blueprint for Building a Healthy Family to custom-design your programs. It has hundreds of topic program modules wrapped into one comprehensive one-stop resource. Don’t reinvent the wheel or spend days, months or years researching and compiling the most practical tips, techniques, theory, thoughts and twists — the book’s done that for you! Simply mix and match whatever components you want!

* Note: the only thing you can’t teach others, without Parents Toolshop® instructor certification, is our unique problem-solving system called “The Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula.”

If you would like to teach Universal Blueprint® programs, attend our comprehensive parent educator certification training. The Parents Toolshop® “Tour Guide” Instructor Certification section describes what’s involved. 

Want a quick advice article to give parents? Come to our FREE article section. There are dozens of articles and we add new ones monthly so visit often!

If you teach parenting classes, our on-line store has dozens of practical resources specifically for parent educators! We are pleased to share them with any parent educator, even if they don’t have Parents Toolshop® Instructor certification. You’ll especially enjoy using our interactive activities to spice up your presentations and make learning fun!

Do you need “outcome-focused parenting skill assessments?” Use or adapt our United-Way-approved tool to design the assessment tools you need…to get started, get funding or report results. (It comes with files you can use to cut/paste and tips for setting your own program’s outcome goals & objectives and modifying the tool to meet your needs, while maintaining valid results.) We’ve field tested our tool for over 10 years with almost 2000 parents and professionals. Get it now!

Attend one of our dynamic interactive professional training workshops for parent educators.

  • Attend a conference  where the author is speaking/exhibiting,

  • Attend a CEU workshop or participate in a CEU home-study programs.

  • Better yet, sponsor a workshop in your community — for parents or professionals who work with parents or children — get the author’s speaker kit with a simple click or call.

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