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Family-service professionals from diverse fields, who work with families from diverse backgrounds endorse Parents Toolshop® programs and resources, including therapistspsychologists, and protective service caseworkers. What all have in common is that they regularly give parenting advice that meets the individual needs of each parent, child and family they work with —  and Parents Toolshop® workshops and resources have given them a reliable plan for finding these solutions.

Here is what family-service professionals recommend:

Keep the award-winning book, The Parent’s Toolshop: The Universal Blueprint for Building a Healthy Family in the office or lobby.

  • Learn about the unique Universal Blueprint Parenting Success Formula. It empowers parents to think for themselves and skillfully use 150+ parenting tools to build a healthy family and find individualized responses to common parenting challenges involving children ages 1-18. You can rely on its advice, because it compiles the most effective theories, techniques, tools, and tips from dozens of authors and resources you already trust! Use and model the skills with parents to guide them to their own solutions.

  • BUY your copy now! Buy several copies! We understand copies disappear easily because parents (and co-workers) want to keep them! Don’t worry, we have bulk discounts so you can have a personal copy and several to share.

  • While you are in our secure on-line store, check out all the practical resources there for family-service professionals, including faith-based counselors.

Want a quick advice article to share with a parent? Visit our FREE article section. There are dozens of articles and we are always adding new ones.

If you focus on building parents’ skills, you can use or adapt our outcome-focused parenting skill assessment tool, to assess parents skills before, during and after treatment. We’ve field tested the tool for over 10 years with over 1000 parents and family-service professionals.

Attend one of our dynamic interactive professional training workshops or attend a conference where the author is speaking/exhibiting. Usually, these workshops offer CEUs.

  • Can’t attend in person? Take the CEU home-study program.

  • Better yet, sponsor a workshop in your community — for parents or professionals who work with parents or children. Just click HERE  or call.

Read testimonials from parents and professionals who have read our resources or attended our programs…then add your own endorsement!

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