Universal Blueprint® Guide to Parenting Success (GPS) System

Just as a GPS System can Map the Most Effective Route
to YOUR Destination (Goal),
Allowing You to Customize your Stops,
and Do What YOU WANT Inside your Car,
Route to Your Healthy Parenting Goals
that is TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE to EACH Family, Situation, and Child.

This is its Origin Story

As a new parent, I did what you probably did: read everything I could get my hands on. Except, I wasn’t just looking for solutions just for me and my children; I was looking for solutions that worked for all the parents I served.

TIPSpreviewWebinar-CoreResources4PT-UBjpgI did an exhaustive eight-year literature research study of hundreds of parenting resources, to find the best tools available.

Since I knew how to recognize inaccurate advice, I weeded out anything that wasn’t backed up by research.

Altogether, I found more than 150 practical tools for how to say and do what the research recommended.

Unfortunately, not one of the resources I found had all the teachings and tools in one place.

So I organized the tools by the type of problem they solved (such as child problems, parent problems, misbehavior, etc.) and called them Toolboxes. Within those, I grouped the tools by the purpose they served (such as building self-esteem, getting cooperation, communicating, disciplining, etc.), and called them Toolsets.

I quickly noticed that if the parents in my classes didn’t learn the tools in a particular order, they had a harder time understanding and using the skills in ways that got the best results. So I had parents read different sections of different books in a particular order, which was rather cumbersome.

Over time, I also realized that if the parents also used the tools in the order that was best to learn them, they got dramatically better results!

Am&Chris02All this time, I was raising my own children, trying to live what I teaching. You know, to walk the walk.

Like any young mother, I’d have my own moments of frustration or confusion about what to do.

Well, actually, it wasn’t so much that I didn’t know what to do; if I could figure out why my child was acting a certain way, I’d know what to do. But I knew that children could behave in similar ways, for different reasons.

So I would call my husband, who has a degree in engineering physics and is a very logical thinker. After letting me vent, he’d ask me the same questions I asked the parents in my classes.

Every Time, The Same 3 Questions Revealed
What Type Of Problem I Was Dealing With
(There are Only 5 Types).
Once I Knew
I Knew Exactly What To Say And Do,
Following a 5-Step Formula Using 5 Key Tools.

When parents learned and used this system — the 3 questions, five steps, and best tools — the results they got skyrocketed! Even more surprising was that they reported back that when they tried using the tools in other relationships they worked just as well!

Then, one night in 1992, I woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning with the Universal Blueprint® house diagram and decision-making flowchart in my head. I jumped out of bed and created them on my computer. That was the birth of The Parents Toolshop ® and its unique Universal Blueprint® for Parenting Success.


Despite the stories almost every parent told me, I couldn’t believe there could be such a parenting formula, so I kept it a secret, only sharing it with the parents who took my classes.

FCPclassThen, when my youngest child went to preschool, I decided to resign from my volunteer position at The Family Network and return to work part-time.

The very first Sunday I looked in the classified ads, there was a part-time position with a non-profit agency that had received a grant to develop a parenting program. I was practically hired on the spot!

Within a year, there were waiting lists to get into the parenting classes and I was getting more speaking requests than I could handle. Other parent educators heard about the results my programs were getting and asked if they could teach them. So in 1993 I started Parents Toolshop® Consulting and began certifying instructors in 1995.

TIPSpreviewWebinar-outcome-results-slideThe agency’s grant included the services of a Ph.D. evaluation consultant who custom-designed an outcome-based tool to evaluate the effectiveness of the Parents Toolshop® program.

During the ten years I was employed at this non-profit, thousands of parents from all walks of life attended my parenting classes. We tracked almost 2000 of them and their results were off the charts! (Click the image to the left to see details about the results and tools we used.)

After seeing over ten years of statistically significant results from all these research studies, I no longer questioned the reliability or validity of the Universal Blueprint® System and decided to no longer keep it a secret.

PMAawardTPTIt was only now that I made a conscious decision to pursue a career as a parenting author, speaker, and entrepreneur.

On my own time, I turned my class handouts into the first draft of The Parent’s Toolshop® book. In 2000, I self-published the book nationwide and it won several awards, including being a top-three finalist for the national Ben Franklin Award for “Best Self-Published Book by a First-Time Author.”

TIPSpreviewWebinar-media-appearances-slideI gave over 300 media interviews in the first two years. Many of them were call-in advice shows where I’d have three minutes to hear a parent’s question (which usually took them 2 minutes to tell), figure out what was happening, and give them an insightful, practical workable response to try. It was then that I saw just how powerful the Universal Blueprint® was.

Since the initial research study ended almost 15 years ago, a full 100% of the tens of thousands of parents who have taken a Parents Toolshop® class have given it rave reviews and said they recommend it to others.

Universities have done research projects testing the Universal Blueprint® system and published the results in academic journals.

New research has only confirmed what The Parents Toolshop® teaches. I’ve always known what works, but as new research is explaining why. As a result, very little has changed in what I teach and The Parents Toolshop® has been proven to be a timeless parenting resource parents worldwide can trust.

There are now 30 years of Outcome Results
for over 100,000 Parents and Professionals.

As of today, I’ve personally trained over 50,000 parents from around the world from all walks of life: different races, cultures, incomes, education levels, and family backgrounds.

What I can tell you is that most parents (and professionals!) believe that you have to use trial and error to figure out “what works” with your child. THIS IS A LIE!!!

When you have a system, like the Universal Blueprint® and the practical tools it contains, you can prevent many common parenting challenges and find individualized solutions to the problems that arise in your family.

While I do provide one-on-one consultations, I feel like I’m doing parents a disservice when I coach them, especially if they are focusing on one particular problem or child. Once that problem is solved, they need additional coaching to figure out the next solution!

Also, as I hear what they have been doing, I often see little tweaks they could make that could prevent or improve the situation! I can certainly tell them what to do in that situation with that child, but I’m always holding back the temptation to teach them what I know!

JodyLeaningThat’s because I know that if you simply learn this system, you will be empowered to find your own personalized solutions to each challenge you will ever face, using proven-effective practical tools that are unbelievably simple to use and often get amazing results!

As a parent of two now-grown children, I know the parenting pitfalls to avoid. Even with all the great skills I got from my parents, it didn’t make me a perfect parent or provide me with perfect children. What made the difference was having a reliable system I could fall back on and trust. It might not prevent every problem, but I knew with each problem the Universal Blueprint® would help me find a solution.

So I made it my mission to show parents how small changes in their words and actions can produce dramatic — sometimes even miraculous — results that can help them have stress-free relationships with their children in all areas of their lives.

Our Decades Of Research and Development Can
Save You Time, Frustration, and Money
Spent Trying To Put Out Fires With Trial-And-Error


vulcan-mind-meld-flickr-Kevin-Dooley-PhoenixComicon2011I wish I could do a Vulcan mind meld like Spock did in Star Trek, to instantly transfer my knowledge and skills to you!

What my years of experience have shown me, however, is that parents learn these skills best when they learn them step-by-step, in order, with time to process and practice each skill set. So I admittedly steer everyone towards the advanced training program.

As a Parents Toolshop® graduate you get lifetime support. Once you know the system, problem-solving, coaching, and consultation are a breeze! It usually takes minutes, not multiple coaching sessions over several months, which saves you lots of time, money, and frustration in the long run.

So I invite you to join the FREE Parents Toolshop® community, where you can:

  • Find Done4U solutions based on this system, so you can get some immediate relief from whatever problem is vexing you today.
  • Learn the system yourself, so you can prevent future problems and be empowered to find your own personalized solutions forever!
  • Get support from other like-minded parents and Parents Toolshop® Consultants, who have been there and know the system, too.
  • Become a more conscious parent, by taking the most advanced training programs we offer, so you can rebuild or remodel your family and life in a way that turns all your good intentions into reality.

I look forward to getting to know each other soon!


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