April 16, 2013

Rewards & Bribes

“Come on, Johnny! P-L-E-A-S-E!?” … {PAUSE} … {repeat 3-10 times} … “I’ll give you a ______ if you do it!” Many parents reward children’s good behavior or use bribes to entice children to cooperate. Such rewards can easily turn into bribes. Bribes are gifts or payments which manipulate or influence someone to take a particular action. Rewards …

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Why Kids Misbehave… and What You Can Do to Prevent and Stop It

When children misbehave, our gut reaction is to do whatever we can to stop it and stop it fast! There are three big problems with this approach: Misbehavior is only a symptom of a deeper core issue that the child is expressing in a negative way. If you only try to stop the misbehavior but don’t identify …

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Discipline, Punishment and Abuse

If you like this article, check out the related resources listed below. CHILD ABUSE OR DISCIPLINE: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Child Abuse is at epidemic proportions.  The cause is the use of punishment, instead of discipline. While all abuse uses punishment, not all punishment is abusive. This does not mean “mild” punishment works or is okay, because …

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