No longer do you need to spend hours reading dozens of resources to find the skills and solutions you seek. This author has done the research for you! She spent over ten years researching hundreds of resources to put the best parenting advice at your fingertips. There are new ideas you’ve never heard and techniques that have worked for generations.

Gone is the inaccurate, unhelpful, confusing and contradictory advice that detours your progress. Seven years of field testing by thousands of parents from all walks of life and family-service professionals resulted in statistically significant improvements in parenting skills.

From toddlers to teens and beyond–these are solutions that work, every day, at home, at day care and in the classroom-and they will work for you, too!


The Parent’s Toolshop® is like a self-paced workshop, taught by a parenting expert, in the comfort of your own home. Step by step, you’ll learn how to build a healthy family by using the special language and action toolsets of effective parenting:

  • Discover what parenting style you have, what it reveals about your personality, and the problems you can avoid by adopting a “balanced” approach.
  • Build self-esteem without ego-esteem or creating “praise junkies.”
  • Get your children to cooperate --- the first time you ask --- using simple positive requests.
  • Teach your children how to be independent and responsible.
  • Open the lines of communication and teach children how to solve their own problems by learning “F-A-X Listening.”
  • Avoid lectures and children with rolling eyes or deaf ears by communicating your rules and concerns in one sentence, one word or no words!
  • Develop individualized anger and stress management plans for you AND each child.
  • Learn what is age-appropriate behavior and how to keep it from turning into intentional misbehavior.
  • Understand the purpose behind deliberate misbehavior and how to break the cycles of attention-seeking behavior, power struggles and revenge.
  • Use discipline to teach children how to be self-disciplined-without being “the bad guy”!
  • Hold productive family councils that teach children valuable life skills while preventing and resolving everyday conflicts.
  • Boost your confidence as a parent, without feeling you need to bend and sway to the pressures of well-meaning but unhelpful advice-givers.Click here to read Chapter 1.Click here to view the Table of Contents.
  • Click here to learn more about the author

Order a softcover book HERE for only $29.95

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Order a softcover Book HERE for only $29.95!

Click here to ORDER the book as an eBook & get a $10 discount!

Here's What Parents Say About
The Parents Toolshop®

This book is incredible. Every chapter is so comprehensive. I learn so much. When I finish a chapter I think the next one can’t possibly be as good – – but it always is! I’ve read many books by the likes of Scott Peck, Stephen Covey and Melody Beattie. The Parent’s Toolshop® pulls it all together and shows you how to live these revelations. This book is not just about parenting! – –  

Jeff Smith, Oakwood, Ohio

I have done a lot of reading and research to be an effective parent and The Parent’s Toolshop® is the most comprehensive, clearly communicated and exciting format that I have come across. I see the success of this information when I am in public with my children and adults compliment me on how well behaved my children are. I’ve even had strangers come up to me on the playground and ask me “Where did you learn to talk to your kids like that?

Carolyn McDermott, Centerville, Ohio

The Parent’s Toolshop® is fantastic! It makes so much sense! The “blueprint” form of your book is ideal! What relationship would not be improved by this respectful, yet straight forward, approach? I can’t put the book down for long……what a gift this is!

Lauri Orr, Oregon

I purchased The Parent’s Toolshop® at the Parent Expo in Missoula, Montana, after hearing Jody’s keynote speech. I’ve just finished Chapter 3, the “Universal Blueprint®.” I am so thrilled by the comprehensive framework for parenting that I see in this book!!! As a grandmother of two and mother of two, I wish that I had this when I was raising my children and I’m sending a copy to my son, the father of my grandsons

Oshara Petaja, Oregon

The Parent’s Toolshop® book is unique because of the way it is presented. The author has combined information from different resources to bring us the best from each. Plus, she is so knowledgeable herself, she explains it in a simple way everyone can understand. By adding stories about her own and other parents’ experiences, everyone feels understood and supported.

Jill Lyle, Dayton, Ohio

I especially like how The Parent’s Toolshop® book takes everything in sequence and puts it into an order that is easy to follow. Jody spoke in my language, so I could understand. Plus, she gave examples so we could relate it to our everyday lives

Karen Brooks, Columbus, Ohio

I can’t wait to read the book again – and again. There’s so much in it, I want to digest it all. Every time I read it, new things jump out at me that I didn’t notice the first time. There were some sentences and sections that were so powerful that I just had to put the book down and think about what was said for awhile. That’s how awesome some of the concepts are. This book and class have changed my life, every area of it, for the better.

Rita James, Springboro, Ohio

I have read dozens of parenting books and this is the very best. The Parent’s Toolshop takes the advice from the best parenting books and puts them together into one practical, easy-to-remember-and-apply approach. I considered myself an above average parent before, but since reading this book my parenting skills have greatly improved.

Gloria Turner, Texas

The Parent’s Toolshop® is my parenting Bible!
Cynthia White, Springboro, Ohio


I can’t thank you enough for The Parents Toolshop®. It is one of the most wonderful books I’ve seen. It is logically clear and easy to memorize but also talks about feelings, psychology and family issues. It also shows your wonderful personality, too. My relationship with my son was suffering because I didn’t know how to discipline him. Then, as I read your articles and book, I’d stop and say to myself, “Oh, this is so right! Thank you Jody!” Your approach gives real results, good feelings and confidence. It has healed our relationship and my son is starting to appreciate me. Sometimes he says that I am the best mother!

Ester Notik, Israel

Don't Just Take Their Word For It.
Here's What Experts Say About The Parents Toolshop®

An innovative way to choose helpful responses to almost any problem, including those in adult relationships! Most important, Pawel’s advice is positive and trustworthy. I highly recommend it.”

Jane Nelsen, Ed.D.

Author of Positive Discipline

A comprehensive and valuable resource for parents, teachers, counselors–anyone who works with children. A must for every parenting library.”

Barbara Coloroso

Author of Kids are Worth It!

This is a fabulous resource for any parent. If you read this comprehensive book, you’ll likely have enough information to qualify for a B.A. in parenting from any university!”

Jack Canfield

co-author of the New York Times #1 best-selling 
Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and President of
Self-Esteem seminars and consulting

Wow! This book is packed with wise and practical ideas for almost every parenting challenge you could imagine. And through it all runs Pawel’s warm message of love and respect for parents and children alike.”

Martha Farrell Erickson, Ph.D.

Director of the Children,
Youth & Family Consortium, University of Minnesota

“The Parent’s Toolshop is dynamite! It’s packed with tons of practical ideas. I keep it by my bedside and recommend it to the parents with whom I work.”

Dr. Dennis O’Grady

author of Taking the Fear out of Changing

A complete and well-organized toolbox — very helpful, well organized and easy to use. I’m impressed with not only the content of the book, but also with the heartfelt writing style.”

Charlene Costanzo

Authorof The 12 Gifts of Birth


You’ll learn how to ask yourself three simple questions…to find your own ideal solution to any parenting challenge, including: 
Sibling Squabbles Allowances Morning Delays Homework
Picky Eaters Power Struggles Messy Rooms Dating 
Temper Tantrums Bullies Chores Driving 
Bedtime Hassles Lying Smart Mouths Curfew 
Friendship Fallouts A.D.H.D. and More! 

Order a softcover Book HERE for only $29.95!

Click here to ORDER the book as an eBook & get a $10 discount!

Publishing & Media Give Rave Reviews of 
The Parents Toolshop®

Ditch your Dr. Spock paperback; eschew Miss Manner’s guidebook on the proper way for your children to eat petit fours; pitch ‘Parenting for Dummies.’ This book is it – a parenting guide par excellence! It’s chock full of tips, trends and positive parenting techniques that are truly informative and most important – effective.


Oakwood Register

If you have kids–I don’t care what age–this book is IT. It’s like a parenting Bible. If I had a million dollars, I’d buy up all of Jody’s books and give them to everybody who has any kind of interaction with children at all.


Host of “Mother Earth and Family,” KUCI-FM

I do this program 5 days a week. Regular listeners to the program know that we have a lot of parenting authors on the program. . . have for many years now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen – ever – any book as comprehensive. You can tell it’s a decade worth of work.

Dr. David McMillian

Host of Strategies for Living, KFLO-radio

Bless her heart — Jody Pawel has done the footwork for all us floundering parents. All the tools for building a healthy family are in here — and she gladly tells us how to gain these skills in a friendly and upbeat manner. Many of us may find the long journey of parenthood to be profoundly challenging. With insights garnered from The Parent’s Toolshop, at last we have a map.”

Fearless Reviews

Pawel tackles dozens of common issues and empowers parents with a reliable system for resolving any problem on their own. This book, written in a conversational tone, gives parents everything they need to know to parent their children, no matter what age.”

Argus Observer, Ontario, Oregon

Here are practical solutions, not just philosophy. Some books warn what not to do. Pawel has an almost bottomless “tool box” of things to do, where and when. Quick fixes and contradictory stuff are omitted. The author has assembled an organized program of related solutions that respect all sides in a conflict and suggest procedures with clarity…Incisive text, effective exercises, 100 “best-of” skills. Extensive research and testing gives this masterpiece a leg up.”

The Book Reader

Whether you are trying to get your toddler dressed for school in the morning, trying to get your 10-year-old to stop fighting with a sibling, or resolving the conflict over phone use with your teenager, the way you plan a response to each of these parenting problems is the same—the Universal Blueprint®. Hectic schedules mean many parents don’t have the time to take a parenting class, but now there is a process any parent can follow at any time. The Parent’s Toolshop® leads parents through a self-paced parenting workshop that teaches a reliable problem-solving formula and dozens of practical techniques. Over 2,000 parents tested this process and found it improved all their relationships. The book details the experiences of dozens of parents (including the author) who successfully use the blueprint. When parents face a problem, the blueprint leads them to the best response by asking the right questions.

Brookyn Family

Family Professionals Endorse The Parents Toolshop®

One of the best books for parents that I have seen is The Parent’s Toolshop® by Jody Pawel. I use it as an undergraduate textbook in my Parenting and Family Relations class and recommend it to parents as well. 

Heidi E. Stolz, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Center for Parenting, University of Tennessee

There’s so much about The Parent’s Toolshop® that I like. As a parent, it is so easy to react to problems. This offers so many healthy alternatives. As a counselor, I like the way I can apply the process to all relationships. There were so many things that even as a therapist, with all the training I’ve had, that I didn’t realize—like the myths about timeouts. I’ve been giving the same kind of advice lots of other professionals give—and assumed it must be right, because so many people believed it. This was a real eye-opener

Ken Rogiers

Lighthouse Christian Counseling, Inc.

A simple thank you for your years of hard work, incredible energy and expertise. You do a fantastic job providing great service not only to parents, families, trainers and those you train, but also to folks like me who are in constant need of sources of information and wisdom and knowledge that is effective. And, it is not only effective, it is so well done, in content and design and presentation. I have referred lots of people and continue to…teachers, family school coordinators, day care workers, parents and grandparents to the cornucopia of subjects and skills you have collected and offer us all. “Thank You” seems so inadequate, but at this point it’s all the mastery of language I can come up with."

Jim Rogers, M.Ed. CFLE

Parent and Family Life Educator, Coastal Carolina University, Conway/Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

The Parent’s Toolshop®  book is such a wonderful contribution in helping parents. I love your use of the house diagram in presenting the material. It presents the information in a clear and logical manner. It’s simplicity aids parents when turmoil strikes. In the fourteen years that I have worked with children with emotional and behavioral issues, your presentation is unique in addressing some obvious problems and problem-solving skills to be used. 

Linda Nicely, LSW

Supervisor, Youth Services Network of Southwest Ohio, Inc.

The Parent's Toolshop® is an outstanding resource for practical, effective, and easily adoptable parenting methods. Anyone who is a parent, contemplating parenthood, or interested in understanding effective parenting will be richly rewarded reading this remarkable book.

Robert L. Seufert, Ph.D.

Marriage and Family Dept., Miami University of Middletown, Ohio

I am very impressed with The Parent’s Toolshop®. I freely recommend the book and class both personally and professionally and hope many families continue to take advantage of this helpful information. I find it to be a great compliment to the other “parenting skills” theories and approaches I use in my work. Thank you for your contribution to this field.

Jane Wenger Clemens, LISW

Adolescent Health and Wellness Center, Dayton Ohio.


You’ll feel like the author is sitting next to you on your couch, explaining even complicated concepts in simple terms. When you need to SEE an idea, look at the simple visual graphics that crystallize concepts in your mind. Hear real-life stories from the author and other parents’ lives that will make you laugh, cry . . . and think. 
You’ll learn exactly what to say and do as the author applies the skills to the most common challenges parents face. You’ll even get a chance to practice what you’ve learned so you remember and use it to your full potential. 
Once you finish reading The Parent’s Toolshop, you’ll find yourself referring to it again and again for quick problem solving.If you have a specific challenge, refer to the cross-referenced index of over 1,000 entries to find the hints and suggestions you need for a speedy and effective solution. When a crisis hits, simply open the back cover, where you’ll find key tools from the entire book summarized ON ONE PAGE.   

Any Parent or Family-service Professional will
Benefit from the Practical Skills and Profound Revelations in The Parent’s Toolshop®.

Click here to ORDER the book as an eBook & get a $10 discount!

Here's What Makes The Parent's Toolshop® Book
Different from All Other Parenting Books

IT'S COMPREHENSIVE and research-informed

You usually have to read dozens of books to find all the information you need for an effective parenting plan. The author of The Parents Toolshop® has done all that research for you, making The Parent’s Toolshop® a one-stop resource that equals dozens of books combined. This will save you years of research and hundreds of dollars on resources. 

Here’s a short list of the authors The Parent’s Toolshop References:
Dolores CurranTraits of a Healthy Family 
Donald Dinkmeyer, Sr. and Gary McKayThe Parent’s Handbook: S.T.E.P Systematic Training for Effective Parenting
Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D., Children: The Challenge
Albert EllisA Guide to Rational Living
Adele Faber and Elaine MazlishHow to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk
Thomas GordonP.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training
Alfie KohnPunished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A’s, Praise and Other Bribes
Mary Sheedy KurchinkaRaising a Spirited Child
Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., Positive Discipline series
Michael PopkinActive Parenting
William Sears, M.D., Creative Parenting
Gary Smalley, Hidden Keys to a Loving Relationship
Dr. Gary SweetenListening for Heaven’s Sake . . . and dozens more!!

Of all the books and magazines I’ve devoured regarding parenting skills, this one put them all to shame. I learned more from this book than I could have learned from one hundred put together. – – Debbie Klein

IT'S ORGANIZED, instead of randomly presenting ideas.

The Parent’s Toolshop®  (and other Universal Blueprint® resources) teaches a logical step-by-step plan for choosing the most helpful response to any situation and presenting it effectively. This helps you organize what you’ve learned into a useful format you can easily remember and use. When a crisis strikes, it can take just a matter ofseconds for you to respond effectively.  

I especially like the Universal Blueprint™ formula. It gives me a tangible, visual way to organize all that I learned and use the ‘tools’ to their full potential. My professional training uses similar teaching methods, so it’s great to learn about parenting using the same process. Parenting is never easy, but this book makes it easy to understand. – –  Mike Lowery

IT'S PRACTICAL, not just philosophical.

The Parent’s Toolshop® (and other Universal Blueprint®resources) teaches the special language and actions of effective parenting and gives dozens of examples of applications for all ages and hundreds of real-life challenges. It also offers practice exercises designed to help you more quicky master the skills and apply them to your family. 

This is the most complete practical guide to human interaction I’ve ever read! – – Wendy Adams

OFFERS POSITIVE SOLUTIONS, instead of focusing on what not to do.

The Parent’s Toolshop® tells you what you can do and exactly how to do it; there are many choices, within healthy limits. You will feel empowered and confident about solving problems, because if one tool doesn’t work, you have plenty more from which to choose.  

I like The Parent’s Toolshop® because it focuses more on the positive aspects of parent-child interaction as opposed to discipline and punishment; also because it is practical in its approach rather than theoretical. In addition, there are a lot of devices for remember the proper steps to take, so parents can really make the method “theirs.” – – Bryelle Broome, LSW, LPC, Parent Involvement Coordinator, DPS Head Start Program


Step by step, The Parent’s Toolshop® explains why, when, and how to use each tool to its full potentialm while avoiding common misuses or abuses of effective skills. You will experience fewer problems, enjoy your children more, develop deeper relationships with your children ad enjoy being a parent again.  

I learned not only what the tools are, but how and when to use them. Anyone who’s interested in being a better parent can benefit from Jody’s classes and resources. She is an inspiration to me and helped me become the parent I wish I had. – – Lynn Ervin-Dale


Every tool in The Parent’s Toolshop® has been carefully selected, is consistent in philosophy, and can be cross-referenced with reliable parenting resources that have stood the test of time. They have been been tested and proven effective both through long-term research as well as in real-life with tens of thousands of parents just like you.  

“A valuable resource, not only for parents, but for grandparents, relatives, babysitters, teachers, care providers–anyone who influences a child’s world.” — Wendy W. Gordon, Child Safety Advocate and Author of the I’m Safe! Series, published by BackYard Books