Special Offer: Private Coaching for T.I.P.S. Attendees

Do You Know The Best Way To Master The Universal Blueprint® And Get The Biggest, Fastest Results In YOUR Family?

Would you like to receive three 90-minute private consultations with me, Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE? When we talk in private, you can share your unique situations and brainstorm ways to personalize the Universal Blueprint® system to your family. We'll talk once before you start, again in the middle of the course (after Module 7), and again at the end. Valued at $900, it's discounted for you, here only, to $397

Private coaching at discounted rates is for TIPS course participants & graduates ONLY


Benefits of Private Coaching

  • Get support in clarifying and processing what you learn, so more sticks faster, better, and longer.  
  • Certified Parents Toolshop® Advisors know the nuances of using the Universal Blueprint® in advanced ways, so they can support you in mastering the special language and action tools you just learned.  
  • Get personalized application of the Universal Blueprint® and its tools to your family, so you start getting immediate results.  
  • Get Parents Toolshop® graduate status if you attend 75% or more of the live sessions. Once you are a graduate, you can attend any other TIPS classes or support webinars and get additional coaching and support, all at a discount.