On-Line T.I.P.S. is THE Most
           Comprehensive, Advanced
   Parents Toolshop® Course There Is — 

It’s Like Getting a Degree in Parenting!

If you want to transform your parenting, family and life, this is the course to take.

That's because you are taken by the hand and shown exactly what to say and do to get the results you want. It's the most fun, edu-taining way to learn the Universal Blueprint® system that’s both advanced yet easy to digest and process. 

You'll even discover how to leverage all you learn to improve all your relationships, even those with other adults! 

All-Inclusive Independent Study Package

Learning each step of the Universal Blueprint® Parent Success System
and its practical tools is as
easy as A-B-C 1-2-3!
For teach Toolset, do the following and in no time
you'll have a proven plan to personalize to your needs!

Read The Parent's Toolshop® Book

The Original Award-Winning Book

Read a chapter each module.
The pdf e-book is included.

Order a softcover print book,
if you like. (A $29.95 value)

This one-stop resource compiles the best research-based parenting advice from hundreds of resources and organizes it in a unique, proprietary system for finding individualized solutions to your parenting challenges.



The "Next Generation" short book,
The Parents Toolshop®
Jump Start Guide &

Universal Action Guide
Tight on time? In a rush?
You choose which you read.

Watch Live Class Videos
or listen to the audio
track whenever you are on the run, in a hurry, or need a refresher.


1 one-hour video each Module

These 15 one-hour videos will walk you through
each step and tool
of The Universal Blueprint
Parenting Success Formula
with the parents in this live class.

You'll feel like you are right there,
as part of the group, learning from the other parents and Jody, a top-rated speaker and internationally-recognized parenting expert.

You walk away from each
edu-taining video with practical language and action tools to put into action immediately!

Best of all, since you have
lifetime access to the materials, 
you will always have access to the latest, most updated course materials available. 

The Secrets of Preventing Misbehavior:  Practical Tools for Effective Responses
This two-hour introductory video gives you a jump-start on the key tools you need to prevent problems!

VALUE OF COURSE = over $1,600!
+ $197 in bonuses
+ $3238 in Graduate Benefits

the first year alone!

Your Tuition: $297

(96% discount!)

Complete a Study Guide

Apply What You Learn

Complete a study guide that contains about 75 questions. Just answer a few after each Toolset chapter. 

Submit a program evaluation.
You can choose from the parent evaluation or get Continuing Education Credits. 
(See FAQs below.)

from other parents who
are learning what you are,
in a private Facebook group

After registering, you will have the opportunity to add-on these
valuable services from our
Certified Parents Toolshop®
Advisors (Coaches):

Live GROUP Support Webinars
for Special Interest Parent Groups,
such as Conscious Parents, Foster-Adoptive Parents, Christian Parents, and more! Each session will clarify content, answer your quesitons, and provide personalized coaching.)

3 Private 1:1 Consultations

with your chosen Advisor while you are in the course.  One at the beginning, one about half-way through and one at the end.

NOTE: Add-ons are ONLY for people registered for our on-line courses.

Here's What Others Are Saying

  I especially like the Universal Blueprint®. It gives me a tangible, visual way to organize all that
I learned and use the ‘tools’ to their full potential. My professional training uses similar
teaching methods, so it’s great to learn about parenting using the same process.
Parenting is never easy, but this book makes it easy to understand. — Mike Lowery 

I want to thank you for opening my eyes to a more effective way of raising kids. 
Your Universal Blueprint® is somewhat an answer to prayers. 
I have already seen results. — Julie Dill 

I just graduated from the workshop and I can not tell you how blessed I am from the resources,
applications, presentation, and the materials I received. No matter the issues I felt were unique to my child, there seemed to be an answer to the problem. These simple steps to building a family blueprint for MY family apply. The more I do it, the easier it gets. It is not just about making life easier for me as a parent, it is all about raising my children in a healthy way despite how I may have been raised or
how the rest of the world says I need to be. I do not have to read a thousand other books.
All the information is in one ”Universal Blueprint®”. — Dawn Warren

Attend this course and you will discover the most skillful ways to...

Develop a Conscious Parenting Mindset, so you avoid over-reacting or following old conditioning.

Raise a responsible, respectful child, by using a Balanced parenting style. 

Effectively Respond to Any Parenting Challenge, by learning a simple problem-solving formula. 

Nurture Self-Esteem, not Self-Centeredness,
while boosting children’s resistance to peer pressure 

Get Cooperation the First Time You Ask – without power struggles, bribes, tantrums or sass. 

Teach Children How to Solve Problems ---independently & responsibly.

Defuse Drama, without taking over, giving advice, or being a referee.

Keep Your Cool and Help Children Calm Down with individualized stress/anger plans. 

Correct Children With as Little as One Word – without lectures, threats, guilt or blame. 

Understand Why Children Misbehave – and What to Do About It by asking 2 simple questions.

Develop Self-Disciplined Children, by holding children accountable & teaching from mistakes. 

Parent as a Team, so you and your parenting partners agree more often and are consistent. 

Parent's Toolshop® Graduate Benefits

Upon receiving your submissions, you will receive your graduation certificate
and all the following Graduate benefits and discounts:

  • Get Hug Seats: Receive personalized problem problem-solving session on the weekly live support calls/webinars for non-graduates. Hug Seats are only offered to Parents Toolshop® Graduates. (valued at $200) 

    Free access to the Parents Toolshop® Discussion Group 
    Want to discuss topics or give and get support and suggestions from other like-minded parents and Certified Parents Toolshop® Leaders? (valued at $174/year)

    50% off Coaching Fees
    Consultations are available by phone or, if you live near a Parents Toolshop® Leader, you can get an in-home coaching session.(valued at $200/hour.) 

    50% off any Toolshop® class taught by the author. This includes the Advanced On-line course. (valued at at least $497)

    Compimentary Private Coaching Session

    Receive a 30-minute private phone consultation per year (valued at $200)

    Access to Graduate Resources not available to the public 
    This includes resources such as the "Choose Your Own Solution Hintbook” ebook (value of all possible resourcesis over $3000)

    This home study course is just one of many Parents Toolshop® training programs that offer Professional Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

    This course offers:
    * Approved for Continuing Education Credits for the Certified Family Life Educator program through the National Council on Family Relations.

    * This training offers 31 contact hours or 3.1 CFLE CEUs.Ohio Social Worker, Counselor and MFT Board has approved this training for 15 clock hours for Counselors, SWs and MFTs.

    * Most foster parents can receive long-distance continuing education credits. Print this page and get approval from your caseworker.