This Program is for You If:

You want to raise your children to be respectable, independent, successful adults, but aren’t sure if you’re on “the right track.” You want to be a great parent, but are busy and need tips and practical tools you can use right away to see results–not just theory.

In this FUN interactive workshop, you’ll walk away with:

  • A parenting style that helps you reach your long-term parenting goals. Attend with your parenting partners, so you are “on the same page.” 
  • A step-by-step, easy-to-follow formula you can use to find the best response to ANY parenting challenge — that is personalized to meet your child’s needs and family’s values.
  • Knowing how to nurture self-esteem instead of self-centeredness so children have the confidence to think for themselves and resist peer-pressure.
  • Amazing tools that engage cooperation the first time you ask, without power struggles, bribes, tantrums or sass.
  • A three-step formula for decreasing the drama when your children are upset that teaches them how to solve their own problems and make responsible decisions.
  • Ten tools for expressing your concerns to children without “parent deafness,” guilt trips or blame.
  • An understanding of why children misbehave and how to prevent or stop it for good!
  • An easy-to-follow formula for disciplining children, without being "the bad guy." They learn from their mistakes without suffering and become self-disciplined, responsible children.
  • Ways to hold family councils, maintain your progress, be consistent, and feel confident no matter what.
  • Personalized solutions for your most pressing parenting challenges from a national parenting expert.


When: There are currently no live trainings due to COVID restrictions. We are looking for local partners to provide meeting space in the future.
If registering as an individual, click the button above.
If registering as a "Couple," which could be you + a parenting partner (spouse, significant other, nanny, relative, etc.)
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Here's What Our Graduates Say

I was to the point were I was just surviving. That's not a good way to be with your children. Now I enjoy my children.


Mother of triplets

I’m always looking for better ways to parent. I think the biggest take-away was how to arrive at win/win solutions. It’s a lot more stress-free. I strongly recommend parents attend this class. Some of it is intuitive, but some isn’t and it’s a really comprehensive class.


Parent of Tweens

I wanted to start out making sure I was doing the right thing, because I know some of the things I grew up with I don’t agree with and weren’t healthy. At first, I thought the Universal Blueprint® looked complicated, but once you go through it, it’s very easy to understand. Seeing what situation you have and knowing what to do really works.


Mother of two young children

I wish I’d known this before I became a parent and foster parent. I thought I had good skills but was skill overwhelmed. We took a sibling rivalry class and were just blown away. I got the Parents Toolshop® book during that class and the index was amazing. I was trying to figure it out on my own and took the full-length TIPS class so we could apply what we were learning.


Foster-Adoptive Mother

Just the first session alone I became aware of my parenting style and the difference between what’s effective in the short run and long-term. It’s wonderful to have those questions [Universal Blueprint®] and to know once you identify the problem you are facing to now step-by-step what to say.


Foster-Adoptive Mother

It’s really changed my parenting. I now can see a situation and ask myself the three questions and I know the steps and tools to use. It’s fantastic! I’ve told all my friends and encouraged them to take the class. It’s changed my relationship with my children in a positive, healthy way.


Foster-Adoptive Mother

The neat thing about it is the psychology behind it; how just saying something a little different helps. I got the military-type view of parenting growing up, so I still have work to do. At work, as a policeman, it’s my way or else. Last week, my partner was giving someone a lecture and I pulled him aside and turned it around. This doesn’t just work with kids.


Policeman & Father

This has helped me so much, as a parent and professionally. I’ve told all my colleagues about it and show people my book. It’s really helped with our son, to help him get internally motivated. We’ve seen the changes. It’s been invaluable.


Therapist & Mother

I like the framing and intentionality of it. It’s less struggle with a one and three-year-old. I’m grateful we picked up the skills when they were young. I understand the theory of human behavior but I hadn’t done a good job applying that to my role as a dad.


Community Trainer & Father

Many Graduates Write Thank You Notes

Jody’s approach is so refreshing! A lot of parenting advice seems to consists of a lecture about what you are doing wrong and then instructions on how to do it “their” way. Jody’s method is different. She shares proven methods for achieving your parenting goals and provides concrete examples of language and phrases that get real results! She seems to understand what many other experts miss – that you shouldn’t ever have to choose between effective parenting and kind, respectful parenting. Thank you Jody for giving me tools that I can feel good about using!

Nicole Eatough

I’m not sure exactly how to thank you for teaching this class. It has literally changed the dynamics in my home from a battle (complete with swearing, orders, and foot stomping) to a mostly cooperative, sometimes chaotic, but overall LOVING atmosphere. I am enjoying my children more than I ever have, because I have learned what to reasonably expect of them and how to teach them my expectations. I am keeping myself calm (most of the time!) and focusing on what I want my children to do, what they can do, instead of constantly scolding, “no!” and putting them in time out. I don’t know if there’s a greater gift you can give a person than helping them better their relationship with their children. I am so, so grateful to you for teaching me how. What I’ve learned in this class will positively impact my family’s entire future. Thank you. 

Rose Lounsbury

Thank you for sharing your expertise and experiences with me during the class sessions. I have learned a tremendous amount. I have been able to incorporate many of the strategies into my household. I also find that my husband is willing to learn the techniques as well. The time and energy it takes to synthesize the research and design a tangible process that continues to grow must be enormous. Your passion, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence comes through in the way that you describe the process and use examples to reinforce the readings.  

Brenda Gaubie Currie

Your class has been a life changing and enlightening experience that has given me hope!  Thank you for teaching your course and empowering parents.

Mary Mancuso

These skills can be used in all your relationships (personal & business). I was amazed at the simplicity of the techniques. All it takes is some practice! 

Susan Vance

After learning the Cooperation Toolset, I put it to the test with my strong willed children. We didn’t have a single argument or power struggle the entire week! Isn’t that a small miracle? I even got my daughter to stop whining!

Lena Guilfoil

I have read numerous articles, magazines, and books which addressed parenting issues, attended lectures, and met with counselors in the past. Yet, I have never attended a class a thorough, well-organized and interesting as The Parent's Toolshop®. I gained so much more than I ever expected when I signed up for this class. The most rewarding aspect was seeing positive results at home with my son, who is diagnosed with A.D.D. These techniques really work!!  I have more confidence and like having a book which I can use to refresh my memory on those days I suffer from memory loss and slip backwards to my old ways. 

Rebecca Streeter

I don't need to discipline as often as I thought I did. Before the class, I used discipline this much (holding his arms wide apart) and the rest of the skills only this much (holding his hands in front of his chest). Now, I only need to use discipline this much (his hands in front of his chest) and I use the rest of the tools this much (holding his arms wide apart).  

Bryan Belden

I just can't say enough to let you know what a difference this class has made for me and my family. I have learned things that have changed my life for the better. Thank you so much!  

Debbie Kovaravic

The skills in this course are so well presented. The examples make the skills easy to understand and apply to your own situations. It is a course (and book) that I will keep referring to.

    Barbara Lehman

No matter how skilled you think you are, this course can really give you very effective ways to parent that you never thought of before.   

 Rudy Thomas

Parenting is kind of my hobby.  I have attended every parenting class in the area and this one is, by far, the best.  I've now taken every class Jody offers!    

Brenda Davies

Attend a LIVE T.I.P.S. Class

and begin transforming your parenting, family --- and LIFE!


See details and FAQs below

Family Service Professionals Recommend and Attend T.I.P.S.
for Professional Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

I learned so much. It was outstanding. One of the few CEU courses that I feel like I learned so much that I can use and pass on. Jody is so knowledgeable and created an environment that welcome questions, interaction and talking about mistakes.

Tina Rich, Nurse

I have been a foster parent for 3 years and attend 10 hours of training each year. This is by far the most useful and helpful of all the seminars we have attended. It’s the one that gives me practical techniques that I actually use every day. 

Cathy Miller, Foster-Adoptive Parent

There’s so much about The Parent’s Toolshop® that I like. As a parent, it is so easy to react to problems. This offers so many healthy alternatives. As a counselor, I like the way I can apply the process to all relationships. There were so many things that even as a therapist, with all the training I’ve had, that I didn’t realize—like the myths about timeouts. I’ve been giving the same kind of advice lots of other professionals give—and assumed it must be right, because so many people believed it. This was a real eye-opener. 

Ken Rogiers, Lighthouse Christian Counseling, Inc.

This is a fabulous program!! I am a parent, a grandparent, a therapist for children and adolescents and their families, and a former elementary school teacher and wish all parents would take this workshop. It is so effective, positive, and useful…and so “user-friendly.” I have recommended it to many families, including my own adult children. A million “thank-you’s” Jody, for this treasured gift! 

Valerie K. Sorosiak, MS, PCC

I am very impressed with The Parent’s Toolshop®. I freely recommend the book and class both personally and professionally and hope many families continue to take advantage of this helpful information. I find it to be a great compliment to the other “parenting skills” theories and approaches I use in my work. Thank you for your contribution to this field.    

Jane Wenger Clemens, LISW, Adolescent Health and Wellness Center

I would advise anyone who is a parent or who works with children to consider buying The Parent's Toolshop® and to attend Jody Pawel's presentations. The advice is simple, yet specific and is presented in a very non-judgmental, accepting way. As parents, teachers, and counselors, we need to know as many "tools of the trade" as we can. There's so much at stake. 

Teresa D. Miller, M.S. Ed., High School Guidance Counselor

I have had the pleasure of being both a student and a colleague of Jody Johnston Pawel and am a great admirer of the work she does.  She is thorough, compassionate, dedicated, and the techniques she teaches truly work.  I would strongly recommend parents and professionals take advantage of her classes! 

Christine Ferens, Therapist, Kettering Behavioral Medical Center

I especially like the Universal Blueprint®. I can apply the skills in any situation and get the maximum use from them. I've used some of these skills separately before, but there always seems to be something that fell through the cracks. This pulls everything together.  

Dorothy Scott, Lighthouse Christian Counseling, Inc.

Attend a LIVE T.I.P.S. Class

and begin transforming your parenting, family --- and LIFE!

See details and FAQs below

Schedule of Upcoming Classes

WHEN? 2-4 times a year, scheduled around school holidays

T.I.P.S. Classes are at least 10 hours long, occurring one day or evening each week over consecutive weeks. This gives you time to learn, process the information, go home to practice, return to report on progress and get personalized support. Some evening classes are 6 weeks, 3 hours/week, others are 8-9 weeks for 2 hours/week. Daytime classes are usually 1 hour/week for 10 weeks at the lunch hour.  Click here for our live class schedule


Parents Toolshop® is grateful to have community sponsors provide a location for our classes, so we can offer them in various locations. If you'd like your school, church, organization or business to sponsor a class, Contact Us!


Only $15/classroom hour! The total tuition depends on how many hours the class meets and whether the sponsor is providing for any of the trainer's fees/expenses. A typical class is $270 for Individuals or $405 for "Couples," which could be you + a parenting partner, which could be a spouse, significant other, nanny, relative, etc.

You will also need to have a copy of The Parent's Toolshop® book ($29.95 softcover or $19.95 ebook). It's not included in the tuition, because many people already have the book and want to take the class next.


You can register: 
On-line: Individual or  Couples (anyone you consider your "parenting partner"
Call937-748-4541 (pay with credit card)
Mail contact information, which class and check/money order payable to:
Parents Toolshop, P.O. Box 343, Springboro, OH, 45066


You must attend at least 75% of the schedule class hours and actively participate in the class to receive a graduation certificate. Attendance verification is provided for participants who do not graduate. 

You can usually miss one or two sessions (depending on the schedule) and still graduate.  However, you must attend one of the first two sessions to start the class. The class closes after we cover Chapter 3, the Universal Blueprint®, because once we do that newcomers will be too far behind to catch up. Plus, it negatively affects the group dynamics to have new people join after the group has bonded.


We need to have a minimum of 4 parents to hold a class and limit seating to 25-30 parents, so each parent gets personalized attention and support. Because of this limited seating and the interdependency of each participant on the others' follow-through, here is our refund policy:
If we cancel the class due to lack of registrations = 100% refund.
If you cancel your registration...
30+ days advance = 100% refund.
15-29 days = 50% refund.
7-14 days = 25% refund.
2-6 days = 10% refund.
2 days or less = no refund