Tools for Teaching Tidiness
Deluxe Audio Training Package

Though play is a greater priority for children than keeping a clean home, it is possible to teach tidiness and organization to your children — even young children. This can make cleaning as fun as playing!

Sometimes, children simply have too many toys and need to let go of the old toys to make room for new ones, which can be difficult for some children.

Getting children to clean also brings up the issue of chores, allowances and what to do when children refuse to clean or simply never make headway.

Wow, it’s no wonder that both parents and children feel overwhelmed by all the mess and stress of getting children to clean up after themselves!

Well help is on the way. This hour-long recording of a live discussion with parenting professionals and real-life parents, just like you, offers you practical tips for how to:

  • Teach children to clean up after themselves, including keeping their rooms clean,
  • Take action when toys are taking over,
  • Help kids to let go of old toys,
  • Motivate kids to start cleaning and stick with it,
  • Prevent or respond to delays and distractions,
  • Decide whether to pay children for doing chores,
  • Determine respectful consequences for not cleaning,
  • … and more!

This deluxe resource package includes:

  • Digitally remastered Audio
  • Full Transcripts
  • All the Resources Available to the Original Participants

Bonus Resources:

  • Links to related articles on the Parent’s Toolshop® website
  • Excerpts from The Parent’s Toolshop® book on
    • Teaching Children to Organize their Belongings
    • Too Many Toys and
    • Allowances
  • Audio interview on Kids & Money

With the knowledge and skills you learn in this teleseminar your children will transform right before your eyes into more clean, organized, cooperative family members. Feel free to click this link to play a sample (or right-click to download). Then get your copy of the full one-hour audio recording, transcript and bonus resources.

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