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Like Us On Facebook! Follow Us On Twitter! Watch On YouTube! Pinterest
Friday, July 1, 2022
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Parents Toolshop

Thank You – Download

Thank You for Your Order

You should have been redirected to a download page and
receive an e-mail with a link/s to download your resources.

If you do not receive access to your resource in the next 24 hours,
please contact us at

If you need instructions for how to download and save your digital resources, check out this page:

If this is your first order with us, you will also receive a request to confirm being added to our mailing list. This confirmation is for your protection so no one can fraudulently subscribe you to receive e-mail you do not want to receive.

You must respond to this confirmation e-mail to receive any resources that are delivered by e-mail.

To avoid delays in receiving your resources, please set up your e-mail program to accept any e-mail address “” or “” (our parent company).  The confirmation email may come from “,” the company we use for our shopping cart and e-library.

Unless you have specifically requested to be on our mailing list, we will not send any unsolicited broadcast e-mails to you that are not relevant to the resource you purchased. Should you receive one in error, you can always unsubscribe by following the directions at the bottom of the e-mail.

We are firmly committed to complying with all e-mail regulations and industry standards with respect to spam policies and responsible e-mail practices.

We encourage you to confirm your subscription promptly, so you can receive the valuable information resources you have requested.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,

Ambris Publishing,
producer and distributor of 
Parents Toolshop® resources