Taming Temper Tantrums
Deluxe Audio Training Package

I was on a flight and coincidentally sat next to a grandmother who used to be a foster parent. (There’s no such thing as a coincidence; I train foster parents!) We got to talking about common challenges of both roles.
She said, “After years of being a foster parent, I know how to prevent tantrums. My kids knew early on that I don’t do tantrums. Now my grandkids know it.”
I said, “What do you mean?”
She told me this story: “I once took my grandkids to the mall. When my youngest grandson saw a juice bar and said, ‘I want juice!’ I told him we were on our way to lunch at the food court and he could get juice there.
He instantly threw himself on the ground, in the middle of the mall, and started throwing a tantrum screaming, ‘I want juice! I want juice!’
I simply looked at him as he was rolling around on the ground and matter-of-factly said, ‘Oh you must have forgotten. I don’t do tantrums.’
After a few seconds of me saying nothing more, just standing there patiently, he stopped his tantrum, stood up, said ‘Oh yeah, I forgot,’ took my hand and walked calmly with me to the food court.”
What do you do when your child starts a tantrum? If you’ve responded differently in the past from how she did, there’s a good chance that this approach wouldn’t work!
It’s also very possible that you could do what most “experts” tell you to do when a child is having a tantrum --- ignore it. Have you ever tried that? How well does that work? It doesn’t, right? The tantrum usually gets worse!
So what are you supposed to do when children start having a tantrum --- or a better question might be, “What can you do to prevent children from having tantrums?”
Well, there is no one “right” answer. There are also not a gazillion answers because children can throw a fit for a gazillion reasons! There are actually only four types of tantrums. Once you know which type your child is having, you can respond helpfully instead of reacting unhelpfully.
In this hour-long recording of a live discussion with parenting professionals and real-life parents, just like you,  you’ll discover:
  • The #1 reason most tantrums start and how parents can prevent most of these tantrums.
  • The other 3 types of tantrums, so you address the root cause in your response.
  • How to respond to each type, so you don’t accidentally give a payoff or cause it to escalate.
  • How one type of tantrum can morph or mutate into another type if you react unhelpfully.
  • What often starts tantrums, which helps you know how to prevent them.
  • Why ignoring doesn't work and what to do to get results.
  • What to do with destructive tantrums.
  • Effective uses of timeouts, (Hint: they aren't for discipline!)
  • How to handle aggressive toddler/preschoolers.
  • The differences and similarities between child and teen/adult tantrums.
  • … and more!
This deluxe resource package (valued at $197) includes:
  • Digitally remastered Audio
  • Full Transcripts
  • All the Resources Available to the Original Participants, including articles we reference and discuss on the call, by Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, on the topics of:
    • Temper Tantrums
    • Bedtime Tantrums
    • Preventing "no" tantrums
    • Aggressive children
    • Effective timeouts
Feel free to click  this link to play a sample (or right-click to download). Then get your copy of the full one-hour audio recording, transcript and bonus resources.

Bonus Resources:

  • Complimentary download of the Why Kids Misbehave… And What You Can Do to Prevent and Stop It teleseminar, based on Chapter 12: PO Toolset in The Parent’s Toolshop® book.  ($97 value, not offered separately.)
  • A possible answer key to the "Taming Temper Tantrums Video Challenge." What's that? Well, after consuming and digesting all the great resources and bonuses that are part of this package, you can watch 7 real-life videos from parents who have "been there," "doing" tantrums. For each, you will know:
     •    Which type of tantrum each child is having. (There are nly 4 types.)
     •    What the parent has done or is doing that is helpful and unhelpful.
     •    What an effective response would be.
With the knowledge and skills you learn in this teleseminar and the bonus resources, you will no longer have to "do" tantrums either! 

The complete deluxe resource package is valued at over $297.
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