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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Parents Toolshop

Quick Start Guidebook

Just imagine… no longer dealing with one of your most frustrating parenting challenges…


Are You Feeling Overwhelmed, Judged,

Unsure Of Who’s Parenting Strategy To Follow, And

Not Sure What Really Works?


Quick Start Guidebook


Congratulations On Discovering

The Step-By-Step Guide To

Getting The Results You Deserve

In Your Parenting

AND Resolve ANY Parenting Challenge!

The Parent's Toolshop Guidebook

Raising a child to be a mature, responsible, well-adjusted adult is THE most important job you will EVER have; and probably the most challenging.

Don’t you and your child deserve the chance to have the closest relationship with as few hassles as possible? It can happen — and doesn’t have to take a lifetime to achieve!

The Parent’s Toolshop® Guidebook won’t give you recycled, simplistic answers that you’ve heard before and frankly, haven’t worked. Lots of experts can tell you how they’d solve a specific parenting challenge. But once the expert is no longer there, or your child moves to another developmental stage with different needs, then what? You’re back where you started–frustrated, and no closer to a lasting solution.


Discover 5 Simple Steps

that will help you

Respond Effectively to ANY Parenting Challenge,

No Matter How Difficult,

So You Can Parent Easier and with Less Stress…

Are you ready to learn 5 simple steps that will help you respond helpfully to ANY parenting challenge, no matter what the age of your child(ren), and no matter how frustrated you are?

The Parent’s Toolshop® Guidebook offers step-by-step instructions that have helped over 50,000 parents worldwide successfully handle all kinds of parenting challenges, from tantrums and power struggles, to talking back and refusing to do chores.

When you follow these steps, you’ll know what to say and do in ANY parenting situation that may arise in the future. Even if that kind of problem may have stumped you in the past, you’ll know how to use this unique problem-solving system and tailor it to your needs.

You’ll know in minutes — even seconds — exactly what is happening and why, as well as how to respond in the most helpful, healthy way possible. You even get sample scripts that suggest exactly what to say and do to get the best results possible.

Most importantly, you’ll also know how to prevent parenting challenges from occurring in the first place! So parenting can be fun, enjoyable and rewarding again (or maybe for the first time)!

The Parent's Toolshop Guidebook

The Parent’s Toolshop® Guidebook contains 30 lessons through which you’ll learn how to respond helpfully to ANY parenting issue, no matter how long you’ve been dealing with it. Each lesson offers a new tool, so you never run out of options! You can remain calm and confident in even the trickiest of parenting situations.

Home Study -- ALL

In Just a Few Minutes Each Day, You Will…

  • Remove the stumbling blocks that are preventing you from parenting easier and enjoying being with your children.
  • Discover the 3 questions to ask and answer in any parenting challenge so you know exactly why your child is acting that way.
  • Know which of 5 steps to take to respond helpfully to your child in that situation.
  • See your children doing their chores and homework without you having to nag, yell, or bribe.
  • Prevent tantrums and power struggles from occurring, and know exactly how to stop them when children test you.
  • Hear your children tell you about their feelings with less drama!
  • Say goodbye to lecturing AND the resulting “parent deafness.”
  • Discipline without being the bad guy and see how self-disciplined your child can actually be!

In addition to all this, you’ll also get dozens of FREE BONUSES, including:

  • Entertaining and informative audio and video clips from my fun, interactive live parenting classes, so you feel like you are right there with us!
  • Specific scripts to follow, so you know exactly what to say and how to say it in a way that will get you the best results possible.
  • Special reports and articles that tell you how to resolve some of the most common challenges parents face.
  • 30 day trial membership to the Parent Success Club, so you can get personalized support while you are applying what you learn at home.
  • A discussion forum where you can meet other parents, get (and give) support, and get advice from me, the author, and other certified Parents Toolshop® Leaders.
  • A personalized one-on-one Strategy session at the end.

So get the support and tools you deserve, to do one of the most important jobs ever.

Home Study -- ALL

I look forward to supporting you in parenting easier and helping you raise responsible, respectful children.

To Your Parenting Success!

Jody with tools