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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Parents Toolshop

The Parents Toolshop® Prevention Toolbox Quick Guide

The Parent’s Toolshop®
Prevention Toolbox Quick Start Guide Package
(included in The Parents Toolshop® Guidebook)

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You want to be a positive parent. You try to build your children’s self-esteem by praising them with, “Good job!” and “I’m proud of you!” and “I like how you did that!” So why do they still seem so insecure and unsure of themselves? They almost seem dependent on you and others to tell them they are good.

Despite your efforts to be positive, you struggle with what to say when your children make mistakes. You try to give constructive criticism but they don’t take it well.

When they are misbehaving you tell them to “Stop” but they keep doing it. You even try to prevent problems by telling them “Don’t do that,” but they turn around and do it anyway! You find yourself getting into power struggles and resorting to bribes and threats to get them to obey.

You are getting more discouraged and tired, trying to make sure your children have everything they need: In the morning you have to help your preschooler get dressed, make sure everyone has a healthy breakfast and packed lunch, and get them ready for the bus on time.

After school, you need to get dinner ready and help them with their homework.

By the time you all are done it’s bedtime and you have to help your preschooler settled down, bathed, and ready for bed, your school-age son is so wound up he can’t fall asleep and your pre-teen sneaks to stay up late talking to friends.

On weekends, you try to tackle the house cleaning. All you ask is for your children to clean their own rooms, but after spending all day, it looks like they’ve barely touched it!

You are exhausted! You wish your children could be more independent. You try to let go and let them do things for themselves, but they are always slower and rarely do as good a job is you do, so you go around behind them and redo what they’ve done.

While just about every parent experiences these common challenges and can often feel mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted, parenting does not have to be so hard!

There Are Very Simple And Easy Ways To Prevent Every One Of These Scenarios From Happening. You Just Need…

The Parent’s Toolshop® Prevention Toolbox
Quick Start Guide

In this Quick Start Guide you will receive … 

The Prevention Toolbox lessons from The Parents Toolshop® Guidebook:  

The Self-Esteem Toolset:
By learning and using the tools in these lessons, you will:

  • Understand why praise often backfires, often making children feel worse, not better.
  •  Know how to use the #1 one best tool for building children’s self-esteem without creating “praise junkies.”
  •  How to increase children’s confidence and resistance to peer pressure.
  •  The truth about constructive criticism and how to comment on imperfection helpfully
  •  How to prevent and diffuse sibling rivalry and competition.

The Cooperation Toolset
When you consistently use the tools from these lessons, you will know:

  • How to motivate children without bribes, incentives, stickers or rewards.
  • How to prevent and stop power struggles.
  • Why children often do what you just told them not to do — and how to prevent this.
  • How to get children to cooperate the first time you ask.
  • How to deny requests without tantrums, drama or getting “but, why?!”
  • How to completely avoid the “terrible two’s and three’s.”

The Independence Toolset:
When you use the tools in this toolset and let go, you can:

  • Help each of your children become responsible and independent, in an age-appropriate way.
  • Develop their skills, teach them proper behavior, and instill your family values.
  • Teach your children internal (invisible) skills, like anger management, patience, and not procrastinating.

Free 30-day trial on the Parent Success Club Membership:
Join w
eekly Support Webinars/calls where you can engage in…

  • Discussions with like-minded parents about the topics you are learning and other parenting topics you want to discuss.
  • Borrow the benefits of hearing problem-solving sessions (called “Hug Seats”) with Parents Toolshop® Advanced T.I.P.S. (Tools for Improving Parenting Skills) Graduates.
  • Offer ideas and support to other parents on the call.
  • Ask your questions to:

    • Clarify content in the Guidebook lessons
    • Get help applying what you are learning to your family.

Here’s what other parents have said about The Prevention Toolbox

I just wanted you to know that we have had a wonderful week here at our household. My husband and I are changing praise into encouragement with our two children!! I have also change my attitude to a more positive one and have seen wonderful results already in just four days!! – – Dawn Armey

Almost every day was constant negativity and power struggles.  Now I enjoy my child again and feel good about myself as a parent. – – Joy Ides

All my friends would complain about the Terrible Twos, but my kids never even went through a “No” phase! I know it’s because I learned how to get cooperation in positive ways. – – Kathy Hagerty

This has so many amazing recommendations to help your children to grow to be independent, strong and loving people. Thanks! – – Amy Rhode

I recommend this to anyone that has the desire to prepare their children for the real world that waits them. – – Mark Pfiffner

I recommend this to anyone! It teaches life skills. The lessons I have learned have brought peace to our household. I enjoy my children more. – – Julia Belden

If you are ready to boost your children’s self-esteem, engage their cooperation, and foster their independence — responsibly — then get The Prevention Toolbox Quick Start Package!