What's New With Babies?
Brains, Bodies, Bonding & more!

featuring Meg Akabas

There is an overwhelming amount of parenting advice on the internet, on top of all the advice you get from other parents, friends and even from strangers!  Meg Akabas will help you sort out real information from common myths and quick fixes. By sharing the current findings on babies and young children, you can make informed decisions for your family. 

Attend this webinar to hear the most up-to-date information on:

- Bonding & Attachment
- Beds & Sleep training
- Parenting styles
- Screen time
- And much more!

This Training Package Includes

YOU can access this training package from any device. It includes:
  • A Video recording you can watch on any device
  • An audio recording you can download to any device

Infancy is the first developmental stage and all other stages build upon it, so you want to know what to do during this critically important time --- and how to do it. With the knowledge and skills you learn from Meg in this webinar, you can be sure your baby (or one you love and care for or about) gets off to a great start! 

The complete deluxe resource package is valued at over $197.
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