Fostering Emotional Development
featuring Heather McCall, CFLE

Want your children to be empathetic, caring, and kind? Want less drama and more open communication? Most misbehavior is driven by emotions, so when children feel better, they behave better! Find out how to foster your child's emotional development, which can lead to all these benefits, by joining Heather McCall, CFLE, and certified Gottman Emotion Coach 

Watch or listen to this webinar to hear the most up-to-date information on:

- How do you know if your child is on track? 
- How to prevent or respond to the common challenging emotional situations parents face (i.e., drama queens, etc.) 
- What can parents do when their child has a big emotional reaction? 
- The five steps of Dr. Gottman's emotion coaching? 
- And much more!

This Training Package Includes

YOU can access this training package from any device. It includes:
  • A Video recording you can watch on any device
  • An audio recording you can download to any device

Emotional development is critically important for children to achieve. With the knowledge and skills you learn from Heather in this webinar, you will build a close relationship with open communication and know how to support your children (or one you love and care for or about) through the storms of their lives, so they learn and grow from them, maturing into emotoinally healthy adults.

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