Parents Toolshop® is here to empower you with a unique, reliable problem-solving system you can personalize to your needs, so you can prevent or respond effectively to any parenting challenge with any child, any age, any time --- in seconds!

Hi, I’m Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE and I’m here to support and guide you through a transformation of your parenting, your family, and even your life --- yes every aspect and relationship in it.  
Transformations are journeys that can start from many paths, which all can eventually lead you to Truths and tools that change your life. I’m here to meet you where you are at and provide options you can choose to reach higher skill levels and deeper transformations.

At Parent’s Toolshop® you will find programs and resources that:

-   Provide practical Done4U solutions that offer helpful responses to the most common parenting challenges and issues. These are not cookie-cutter solutions: "If your child is doing this, do this." Instead, they reveal the underlying reasons why the problem may be happening. Then, based on which reason fits your situation, there are step-by-step directions to follow to resolve that core issue. This is how you get personalized solutions that bring lasting results!

-   Empower you with a proven problem-solving system you can personalize to your needs, so you can think for yourself, understand how to reveal the why's behind your parentingt challenges, and plan a helpful response totally customized to your child or family's needs.

-   Reveal hidden processes that drive your parenting, relationships and life choices, so you can experience major breakthroughs, heal or re-parent yourself, connect with your children on a deeper level, and see the higher spiritual lessons parenting offers.

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