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Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Parents Toolshop


Ready for the Next Step?

OK…Here’s What it Takes to Complete the Certification Process

Pre-requisite: Graduate from the Advanced On-line T.I.P.S. Course or live full-length (10+ hour) workshop series. If you plan to apply for leader certification, you will do these additional tasks:

  • Score 9+ on the parent skill assessment.
  • Participate in 5+ hours of group coaching calls. (Included with training.)
  • Post 10+ educational/informative replies in a Parents Toolshop® discussion forum. (Included with training.)
  • Listen to all the “challenge” teleseminar recordings. (Upgrade to get the Graduate Resources when registering.)
  • Plan an effective response to 5 parenting challenges using the “Choose Your Own Solution” Hintbook. (Upgrade to get the Graduate Resources when registering.)

(NOTE: These “pre-certification” requirements can be met up to 2 years prior to applying for Leader Certification.)


The on-line T.I.P.S. course is just one of many Parents Toolshop® training programs that offer Professional Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). This course offers:

  • Approved for Continuing Education Credits for the Certified Family Life Educator program through the National Council on Family Relations. This training offers up to 10 contact hours, depending on the format (how many sessions, weeks or hours) and resulting total number of contact hours.
  • Ohio Social Worker, Counselor and MFT Board has approved this training for up to 22 clock hours.
  • Most foster parents can receive continuing education credits. Print this page and get approval from your caseworker.

After T.I.P.S. Graduation, you complete the Parents Toolshop® Leader Certification Training Program in this order:

  • 1. Advisors USE the Universal Blueprint® in 1-on-1 settings, to guide parents through problem-solving, provide group coaching, and one-on-one coaching around their parenting or life goals. This training program is a 5-module home study you complete at your own pace. Upon completion of the practice assignments, you can enter the rotation of Certified Parents Toolshop® Advisors who are matched with coaching requests, facilitate live Parents Success Club webinars/calls (where you can recommend resources with your affiliate link), and start a parent coaching practice.
  • 2. Group Facilitators TEACH the Universal Blueprint® and its practical tools to parents, in group settings, live or on-line. Parent’s Toolshop® instructors must do more than present parenting information; they are expected to conduct interactive activities, small group discussions, and practice exercises in their programs. In addition, they must market and evaluate their programs. These are all tasks not usually found through traditional social service education — but Parents Toolshop® instructor certification trains professionals to do all this. In fact, this training program trains participants to:
  • Establish and maintain professional ethics and standards in the parent education field.
  • Get started, conduct needs assessments and make decisions about fees, discounts and more.
  • Teach parents to think for themselves, using the unique “Universal Blueprint” and its practical skills to plan individualized effective responses to any parenting challenge.
  • Teach Parent’s Toolshop® programs, from comprehensive “full-length” classes to one-time topic programs — and custom-design each program, to meet the participants’ special or diverse needs.
  • Be a dynamic, entertaining and informative speaker, effective group discussion leader and lead interactive activities that raise awareness while teaching skills, by learning advanced presentation skills.
  • Market programs in the community, using proven business strategies that are “tweaked” to meet the needs of social service referral agencies, program sponsors and potential program participants.
  • Evaluate participant skill improvement and custom-design outcome-focused evaluation tools, to track results, report successes and get funding!


The Group Facilitator Certification Training is just one of many Parents Toolshop® training programs that offer Professional Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). This course offers:

  • Approved for Continuing Education Credits for the Certified Family Life Educator program through the National Council on Family Relations. Both the video and in-person training programs offer 20 contact hours or 2 CFLE CEUs
  • Ohio Social Worker, Counselor and MFT Board has approved the training for 22 clock hours.

After GF Certification, you will receive thousands of dollars of presentation resources, including:

  • Outcome Evaluation Skill Assessment Tool
  • Interactive Activity Directions
  • Puzzle Masters (crosswords, seek & find, etc.)
  • Flip chart size House Blueprint poster
  • PowerPoint presentation file
  • Publicity Masters and aids
  • Class Graduation Certificate Master
  • Dozens of Presentation outlines
  • … And more is being added all the time!

We Even Help You Market Your Programs!

Lastly, you could be the most amazing parent educator in the world, but if no one knows you exist, can’t find you, can’t understand what you can do for them, then you are like a pearl inside a clam. That’s why Parents Toolshop® makes a lifetime commitment to its Leaders and teaches you how to successfully market your programs and services.

Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, Founder, President and Parenting Expert for Parents Toolshop® is considered the leading expert on ethical, effective marketing in the parent education and family life education field. She’s trained with the leading author, speaker, on-line, media experts.

Words of Praise from Internationally-Reknown Marketing Experts

Jody has been a Team Leader numerous times for all three of my training programs since 2005. She won the Outstanding Leadership Award in Product Factory, was a Team Leader for the first Web Traffic School, and I chose her to be the Team Leader’s Team Leader for the first team-based Book Yourself Solid program. She’s motivating, encouraging, and builds rapport and comradery among her teammates. She also offers such valuable, practical business and marketing advice that I’ve even asked her to fill in for me on a Mastermind training call. Anyone who attends Jody’s marketing training programs or is on her team will benefit greatly from her knowledge, guidance and leadership. — Michael Port, creator of the Book Yourself Solid training program and best-selling book and internationally-reknown marketing expert.

Words of Praise from Parenting Professionals

You have moved me at least one quantum leap in my knowledge, if not several. This is a program-changing experience. You have taken me forward significantly in my comfort and desire to do this. — Eve Sullivan, Parents Forum, MA (NEPI bonus call on “Writing Bonus Statements and Creating Digital Resources”)

Actually, more was said in this call, but I’m much to humble to print it. CLICK HERE to listen to a 37-second clip from the call.

Words of Praise about Jody’s Marketing Workshops 

Marketing Magic is an information-packed workshop filled with practical tips and advice for marketing family programs. Jody is an excellent speaker and shares her years of experience in an entertaining manner that includes ample audience participation. The handouts alone are worth the cost of the seminar!  — Dawn Cassidy, M.Ed., CFLE, Certification Director, National Council on Family Relations.

North Carolina Parenting Institute’s Annual Conference, August 2003. Evaluations from Jody’s 1.5 hour marketing workshop showed participants gave Jody the top two highest ratings in the following areas:

  • 100% for her knowledge on marketing (77% gave it the highest rating),
  • 91% for the effectiveness of how she communicated the information (55% gave it the highest rating) and
  • 90% for the usefulness of the information (45% gave it the highest rating)

Thank you for the marketing workshop you provided to our … statewide staff. … Your information was timely as we make some slight shifts in our service delivery focus. … We received particularly positive feedback from the staff on the portion of your presentation that related to our existing web site. Your review of our current web site content and discussion of strategies to improve this information was extremely useful. Staff appreciated the tailoring of this topic to our specific information. It put the theory into practical application. … We look forward to implementing your ideas and may be contacting you again in the future for consultation as we develop additional materials. — Debra D. Andersen, Chief, Child Guidance Service, Family Health Services, Oklahoma State Dept. of Health

If you would like a preview of what you will learn, watch “The 6 Keys to Reaching and Serving More Parents” video (21:18 minutes), to see what you need to succeed as a parent educator and coach today. Parents Toolshop® provides training and resources in every one of these areas.

 Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3-4-5

  1. Become familiar with The Parent’s Toolshop®, if you are not already a graduate, to be sure you are a good match.
  2. Get Strategic:  Have a one-on-one Strategy Session personal interview with our Leader Coordinator to share your dream career and determine which Leader Certification(s) best meet your needs, interests, and future goals. Together, we’ll create a customized training plan to meet your needs.
  3. Submit an Application and Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so you can get all the details (including confidential information) and make the most informed decision.  Click here to request the application and NDA
  4. Get approved by The Standards & Practices Committee, who approves your application and sends links to detailed information about all Leader Certification programs, including webinars and documents such as the Standards & Practices Manual
  5. Get Started:  Sign the appropriate Parents Toolshop® Direct Service Provider agreement(s) and submit payment.
  6. Get Access:  You’ll enjoy getting immediate access to the training materials to begin the certification process.

If You Want to Empower
the Parents You Work With,
Join the Parents Toolshop® Leader Team Now!

Request the Leader Application and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Once your application is approved, you will be given the links to access detailed information about the certification process. There is no fee or commitment needed to apply.

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