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Like Us On Facebook! Follow Us On Twitter! Watch On YouTube! Pinterest
Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Parents Toolshop

Free On-Line T.I.P.S. Preview Webinar

Free On-Line T.I.P.S. Preview Webinar


When You Have To Deal With A Misbehaving Child, Do You Find Yourself:

  • Second-guessing yourself and whether you are doing the “right” thing,
  • Wanting to be positive but so many negative words coming out of your mouth that even you want to stop listening to yourself!
  • Feeling impatient and frustrated that nothing seems to be working,
  • Resorting to discipline more often than you ever thought you’d have to,
  • Saying or doing something you regret and feeling guilty.

Are You A Caring, Committed, but Busy Parent?

  • Do you want to be a great parent, but are busy and need tips and practical tools you can use right away to see results–not just theory?
  • Do you want to raise your children to be respectable, independent, successful adults, and want to know if you’re on “the right track”?
  • Are you ready for long-lasting results? Are you tired of quick fixes and ready to find a reliable parenting plan to follow that empowers you with confidence?

Then Sign Up For This FREE Webinar Replay From Parents Toolshop®

The Secrets of Preventing & Stopping Misbehavior:

T.I.P.S. (Tools for Parenting Success)


Attend This Webinar Replay and You Will:

  • Discover a parenting plan you can use anytime, anywhere, in any situation with your child ––– from tot to teens and beyond!
  • Know three questions to ask yourself to know why your child is misbehaving and exactly what to do to prevent or stop it.
  • Have five steps you can take, to plan a helpful response in seconds, that is specific to your child, needs and values.
  • See this plan applied to some of the most common parenting challenges you are sure to face.

As a BONUS for Signing Up TODAY You Get Access To:

The “Unlock the Keys to Parenting Success” 7-day e-course. In just minutes a day you will learn the basics of the “Universal Blueprint® for Parenting Success,” so you can resolve your biggest parenting challenges independently and confidently.

Sign Up For This FREE Webinar Replay Now!

Free On-Line T.I.P.S. Preview Webinar