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Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Parents Toolshop

The Conscious Parents Toolshop®

The 7 Keys For Transforming Your Good Intentions Into Great Results!

(For Parents of Children Ages 2-20)


 Attend this LIVE, Interactive, FUN Series to:
* Become a more balanced, conscious parent, by integrating your logic, emotions, and intuition. Use a simple, reliable, and proven-effective decision-making parenting plan and see your parenting journey from spiritual perspective.
* Get practical research-based parenting tools you can use right away, every day, to prevent common parenting challenges and respond skillfully to challenges that arise.
* Understand why children misbehave, why it triggers your anger or frustration. Know how to stay calm, cool, collected in every situation, while clearing out your own trigger buttons, old baggage, and re-parent yourself (if needed).
* Feel more confident and competent as a parent, knowing you’re on “the right track” to raising your children to be respectable, independent, successful adults.



This program was excellent. It totally opened my eyes to parenting. It not only taught me about parenting my child, but also helped me realize things about my childhood and why I reacted to situations as I did. It made me look at parenting a whole new way. I would recommend this class to everyone. — Tabitha Markley
I went from a Totally Overwhelmed Parent to a Totally Observant Parent. I am more observant of how my beliefs color a situation, who’s problem it really is, respecting my child, my words, and the tools I have available. Most of all you have given me hope that I can change my bad habits and misguided parenting approaches and be the Mother that I dream of becoming. And to think, my children will learn many of these skills at such a young age. What a wonderful gift to give them! Thank you for all you have done for my family. — Kay Lynch

The Conscious Parents Toolshop® course includes

  • Access to three new Parents Toolshop® publications that won’t be released to the public until our 25th anniversary celebration in 2018 (Valued at $45):
    • The short Parents Toolshop® Jump Start Guide, which is designed for busy parents who want to learn the basics of the full Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success System and the essential Top Five Five-Star tools.
    • The universal Jump Start Action Guide, which delivers tons of bonus information, resources, and practice exercises for all parents for each Toolset. Plus PASRR Formula responses for the Top Ten Universal Parenting Challenges.
    • The Conscious Parents Toolshop® Action Guide, which offers bonus information and resources specifically related to conscious parenting for each Toolset.
  • Discuss, process and apply what you are learning with other parents in 6 live webinars from 11 am – 1 pm Eastern on Wednesdays beginning October 18th. These webinars will be recorded and available to registered course participants, if you are unable to attend live. (Valued at $1200)
  • Receive a free LIIFT consultation, so you can clear your subconscious operating system of any beliefs that are holding you back from being your very best in any area of your life! (Valued at $90)
  • Stay connected, share resources, ask questions and get ongoing support through a Private Facebook group – This private FB group is a place you can ask questions about the course content, share success stories, and get support from other participants, Certified Parents Toolshop® Advisors and me. (Value is priceless!)
Total Value is $1335, but you can get an Introductory 87% discount IF you register for THIS course from this page!
 REGISTER TODAY to take the first step toward creating more peace and calm in your family relationships!