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Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Parents Toolshop

Springfield TIPS


T.I.P.S. (Tips for Improving Parenting Success)

Click Here to REGISTER TODAY. Seating is limited. Please note parents from the school district have priority. If there are spots open, non-district participants will be admitted.

This program is for YOU if you:

  • Want to be a great parent, but are busy and need tips and practical tools you can use right away to see results – not just theory
  • Are so stressed and overwhelmed with the everyday demands of parenting that you may not always be your best — and then feel guilty about how you handled things later.
  • Want to raise your children to be respectable, independent, successful adults, but aren’t sure if you’re on “the right track.”.

In this FUN interactive workshop, you’ll walk away with:

checkmarks  A parenting style that helps you reach your long-term parenting goals. Attend with your parenting partners, so you are “on the same page.”

checkmarks  A step-by-step, easy-to-follow formula you can use to find the best response to ANY parenting challenge — that meets your child’s needs and family’s values.

checkmarks  Knowing how to nurture self-esteem instead of self-centeredness so children have the confidence to think for themselves and resist peer-pressure.

checkmarks  Strategies that will get kids to cooperate the first time you ask without power struggles, bribes, tantrums or sass.

checkmarks  A three-step formula for decreasing the drama when your children are upset and teaching children how to solve their own problems and make responsible decisions.

checkmarks  Ten tools for expressing your concerns to children with “parent deafness,” without guilt trips or blame.

checkmarks  An understanding of why children misbehave and how to prevent or stop it for good!

checkmarks  An easy-to-follow formula for disciplining your child, so you aren’t the bad guy, they learn from their mistakes and become self-disciplined, responsible children.

checkmarks  Personalized solutions for your most pressing parenting challenges from a national parenting expert.

checkmarks  Ways to maintain your progress, hold family councils and be consistent and confident no matter what.

WHEN: 8 Thursdays, April 10 – May 29, 2014
TIME: Class Session: 5:30-8:00 p.m. (FREE Dinner provided 5:15-6:00 p.m.)  You can miss 2 sessions and still graduate.  However, you must attend at least one of the first two sessions.
LOCATION: The Learning Café at Springfield High School (Limestone to Right on Kensington)
FREE: Only a $5 refundable deposit to reserve a seat. Class limit is 30. A copy of The Parent’s Toolshop® book ($29.95 value) is provided to parents of children who attend Springfield City Schools.  Others will need to order the book. Child care provided on-site starting at 5:30 p.m.  Free to participants who are Springfield City tax-payers and $25 per quarter for other participants.
REGISTER: By April 4th deadline.

Can’t attend then? Please join our mailing list to be notified of the next class.

Parents Toolshop, P.O. Box 343, Springboro, OH, 45066

Instructor: Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, is a second-generation parent educator and president of Parent’s Toolshop® Consulting. Jody is the author of 100+ resources for parents and family life professionals, including her award-winning book, The Parent’s Toolshop. For 30 years, Jody has trained thousands of parents and professionals through her dynamic, interactive presentations. As an internationally-recognized parenting expert, publications like Parentsmagazine and rado/TV talk shows regularly quote her advice.

Research-Based Techniques, Tips, and Training You Can Trust 

Parents Toolshop is the culmination of decades of research, outcome evaluation testing, and real world success.  The program underwent 10 years of extensive outcome evaluation tests involving over 3000 parents and professionals from diverse backgrounds.

In participant evaluations:

  • 83% rated the program “excellent,” 100% rated it “good” or “excellent.”
  • 96% said they learned new information
  • 100% said they would recommend the program to others
  • Of the parents who had custody of their children, 100% said they successfully used the skills with their children and 92% said they had used the skills with other children, or to improve adult relationships.

Of those 2000 parents, nearly 1300 parents participated in an eight-week parenting class in the Dayton (Ohio) area.Almost 1000 of these parents completed an outcome-focused pre/post class parenting skill assessment to evaluate their knowledge and mastery of the 11 skill areas. Here are the results:

  • • Nearly 825 parents successfully graduated from the parenting class (83% graduation rate)
  • • Almost 100% (99.6%) showed improvement in their parenting skills
  • • On a scale of 11 points, the average improvement in skills was 2.4 points, from below the midrange (5.41) to the “more skillful” range (7.81). Nearly 20% scored in the highest skill range!

Here’s What Parent’s Toolshop® TIPS Graduates Have to Say

This class has helped me in more than one way.  I have an 18, 13, and 8 year old.  Since taking this workshop, I listen more to my children and am not so quick to anger. This class is all the way around terrific.  This is not just a parenting class.  It is also a tools workshop that gives you relationship skills to use at work and with other adults.  Don’t stop doing this.  It is more rewarding than anyone could ever imagine.  Annette Morris, Springfield City Schools Parent

“Thank you for the class.  I learned a lot from it.  It gave me a lot of alternatives.  I was not raised in the right direction.  I had little guidance and my parents used punishment instead of discipline.  I did not want to do that to my children.  Right now they are getting to an age where discipline is an option.  Now I can do it without the way I had learned.  Now I know what to do instead of that because I have the other part.  I am no longer afraid to take my sons out to the store with me.  I know they will listen and stay with me.  In the past, I would have to leave them with a sitter.” Deanna, Springfield City Schools Parent

“I want to say thank you because I feel this class has given me back my relationship with my teenage son.  It is so important to me.  You want to be around someone who will work with and talk with you.  Now we talk and work things out instead of arguing and he will even hug me before walking away.  He hadn’t been hugging me since he was real little.  I learned I don’t have to be controlling and harsh to get my needs met.  I wish everybody had the opportunity to take this class” – Cheri, Springfield City Schools Parent

This class has helped me realize my weakness as a parent.  With the education I received I can continue sharpening my skills.” Doug French, Springfield City Schools Parent 

Click Here to REGISTER TODAY. Seating is limited.

P.S. Remember, you will need access to The Parent’s Toolshop® book during the class.

  • Springfield parents, you will receive information about how to pick up your free book.
  • Non-Springfield parents, remember to order a book if you don’t have one yet.