Lunch & Learn
Parenting Series

Presented by
Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE

Would you love to take a Parents Toolshop® class,
but just don’t have the time to attend a class or read The Parent’s Toolshop® book?

Do you practically live in your car, commuting to work
or driving your children to and from school and their extra-curricular activities?

Well here’s some good news!
You can “attend” a full-length Parent’s Toolshop® class
wherever you are and whenever you have some time.

Just listen to one, more or all the sessions in the Lunch & Learn Audio Series.
Each one provides you with the core concepts and practical tools of
one “Toolset” in The Parent’s Toolshop®.
(A Toolshop® “Toolset” is a group of tools that serve a common purpose.)

You can use these audios to learn the basics of the entire
Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula system
get all you need to prevent or respond helpfully to any parenting challenge!

Once you’ve learned these skills, whether through these audios or The Parent’s Toolshop® book,
you can replay these audios anytime you want a quick refresher,
to keep your skills sharp and remind you of key points that will keep your progress on track.
Listen to them over and over again, as your children grow, mature,
and reach new developmental stages, which present new challenges!

The Universal Blueprint® system and its tools
will work now, today, next week, next year, and years from now,
because they are timeless, universal parenting principles.

Over 50,000 parents worldwide rely on the Universal Blueprint®
to guide them to the most effective path for reaching their parenting goals and
help their children develop the skills and qualities that will enable them to be
well-balance, well-behaved, self-sufficient, successful adults – or however you define “success!”


Session 1:  Blended or Tossed? Which Is Your Parenting Style?

□  Discover The 6 Reasons Even Effective Parenting Tools Might Not Work, So You Can Head-Off Problems Before They Start And Trouble-Shoot Your Progress.
□  Identify What Your Parenting Style Is And Whether It Is The Best Style For Reaching Your Parenting Goals. Then You Can Rest Assured You Won’t Experience Major Problems Later, Which Is When The Evidence Of Imbalanced Parenting Shows Up.
□  Improve Teamwork With Your Parenting Partners, So You Are Both On The Same Page And Children Can’t Manipulate You Against Each Other.

Session 2: The “No-longer Secret” Recipe for Preventing & Resolving Problems.

□  Discover the Universal Parenting Plan You Can Customize for Any Situation or Child.  It only takes 1-10 seconds to use! That saves you the time you are wasting and frustration you are experiencing when using trial and error.
□  The 3 Questions You Must Ask in Every Parenting Challenge, to reveal the core issue that’s causing the problem. Resolve this and any problem behaviors will disappear!
□  The 5 Steps for Responding Effectively To Any Parenting Problem, so you resolve the core issue and break any misbehavior cycles the first time you respond! No more repeating yourself, nagging, or lecturing!

Session 3: Nutritious Appetizers That Boost Self-esteem and Avoid Obese Egos.

□  Boost Your Children’s Self-Esteem, Without Creating “Praise Junkies” Or Big-Headed Egos. Watch Your Children Glow When You Use These Phrases.
□  Increase Children’s Confidence And Resistance To Peer Pressure. Then You Don’t Have To Worry About What They Are Doing And Deciding When You Aren’t Around.
□  Prevent And Diffuse Sibling Rivalry And Competition. Then They Will Get Along Better And You Can Stop Being A Referee In Their Squabbles And Fights.

Session 4: Get Cooperation Without Squeezing the Juice out of Kids!

□ Get Cooperation The First Time You Ask — Without Nagging, Power Struggles, Threats Or Punishment! Discover The One Tool You Can Use To Prevent Power Struggles, Stop Them, And Reveal Discipline.
□  Motivate Children Without Bribes, Incentives, Stickers Or Rewards, So They Are Self-Motivated, Goal-Oriented And Not Susceptible To Being Manipulated By Peers Or Dangerous Adults.
□  Understand Why Children Do What You Just Told Them Not To Do — and How to Prevent This. You’ll Be Amazed How Quickly And Easily Your Children Respond When You Know The Four Words To Avoid And What To Say Instead.

Session 5: Serve Up Some Wings So Children Can Leave The Nest

□  Teach Children Life Skills, Good Behaviors & Values. You’ll Have Strangers Coming Up To You Complimenting Your Children On How Well-Behaved They Are! You’ll Give The Credit To Them, But Inside You’ll Be Smiling, Knowing It’s Because You Used These Tools.
□  Foster Independence & Responsibility In Children, So You Can Free Yourself From Being A Short-Order Cook And Maid. You’ll Be Amazed How Happy Your Children Are To Do These Chores Themselves, Usually Without Even Being Asked.
□  Use Allowances Effectively — Without Paying Kids To Do Daily Chores! Then Your Children Will Have Healthy Money Management Skills As Well As Understanding That Some Things In Life We Do Because They Are The Right Things To Do, Not Just For Pay.

Session 6: Children’s Menu: How to Really Listen to Your Child

□  Show Children How To Understand Their Emotions And Express Their Feelings Appropriately And Skillfully. There Will Be Far Less Drama To Deal With And Children Will Feel Empowered To Conquer Their Fears And Insecurities.
□ Guide Your Children To Reach Their Own Solutions And Decisions And See How Responsible They Really Can Be When They Know How To Think For Themselves. This Is One Skill That Will Improve Every Relationship They Have, In Every Area Of Their Lives, For Their Entire Lives.
□  Know How To Mediate Peer and Sibling Conflicts, So Children Learn Conflict-Management Skills They Can Use The Rest Of Their Lives. This Will Prevent Conflicts With Others And They’ll Take Responsibility For Resolving Their Own Problems — Skillfully.

Session 7: Tame the Fire of Anger & Stress — Before You Get Burned

□  Understand The Real Cause Of Stress And Anger, How To Prevent Or Eliminate It, And Channel The Energy In Constructive Ways. Watch Children Who Used To Rage, Whine, And Cry Become Calm And Verbal, Even When Facing A Stressful Situation.
□  Reduce The Daily Stress In Each Family Member’s Life, By Making Individualized Anger & Stress Management Plans For You And Your Children.
□  Slice Sass And Back-Talk From Your Child’s Vocabulary, By Clearly And Concisely Communicating Your Concerns, Without Lectures That Cause “Parent Deafness.” Sometimes All You Need Is One Word!

Session 8: The Kitchen Stinks! Cut off “PU” Misbehavior Before You Get “PO’d.”

□  Know The 4 Questions To Ask, To Discover Why Your Child Is Misbehaving. You’ll Be Surprised What Your Answers Reveal!
□  Avoid Common Gut Reactions That Escalate Problems Or Accidentally Give A Payoff. You’ll Know Precisely How To Balance Your Logic, Emotions And Intuition And Hone Them As Clue-Finding Tools.
□  Understand The 9 Reasons Children Misbehave and the Best Response for Each. In a matter of seconds, you’ll know why your child is behaving that way and exactly what to say and do to break the cycle.

Session 9: Take the Bite out of Discipline!

□  Avoid The Pitfalls Of Punishment, Which Cause Rebellion, Resentment, Revenge, And Sneaking Around, Becoming Tough Enough To Take Whatever Punishment You Can Dish Out, Figuring Out Loopholes Or Deciding That If They Are “Willing To Do The Time, It’s Okay To Do The Crime.”
□  Know The “4 R’s” Of Using Discipline Effectively, So Children “Learn Their Lessons” Without Shame, Humiliation, Or Bad Feelings And Want To Behave Better!
□  Discover The Best Four-Star Discipline Tools That Develop Self-Disciplined Children. You’ll Be Shocked To Learn How Most Parents Actually Misuse The Most Common Forms Of Discipline And Which Aren’t Even Discipline Tools In The First Place.

Session 10: A Brainstorming Buffet

□  Get A Quick Review Of Family Councils, So You Can Decide If, When And How To Use Them Without Falling Into Common Pitfalls. Use Them Wisely And You Can Teach The Skills You Have Learned Through This Course, Make Consensus Family Decisions, And Address And Resolve Problems Before They Ever Start.
□  Know How To Use The Universal Blueprint® Success Formula With Adults, So You Can Improve Every Relationship With Every Person In Your Life — And What To Do About Those Toxic, Difficult People You Can’t Stand Being Around!
□  Feel Confident And Competent, Knowing That While You Might Not Avoid Every Parenting Challenge, You Now Have All You Need To Respond Helpfully And Find Solutions With Your Children.

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Each DELUXE resource package includes:
□  recording of a 1-hour live workshop,
□  A complete transcript,
□  Handouts to reference during and after the presentation.

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Get The Parent’s Toolshop® Book

This award-winning book is what the participants in this workshop series read, so follow along! It is the result of 15+ years of research and development, compiling advice from hundreds of research-informed resources.

This book is 
the only Parent's Toolshop® resource that teaches all 150+ special language and actions of effective parenting and the most advanced uses of The Universal Blueprint®.

It is the most comprehensive print resource in the Parents Toolshop®. Most parents call it their “Parenting Bible.” 


The Lunch & Learn Audio Series is a complete live workshop series, presented by Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE.  Jody is a second-generation parent educator, founder of The Family Network, award-winning author of The Parents Toolshop book and President of Parents Toolshop ConsultingShe has over 30 years’ experience as a dynamic, top-rated speaker and parenting expert to the media worldwide, including Parents magazine and the Ident-a-Kid television series. Jody has trained over 50,000 parents and professionals worldwide, through her dynamic presentations. As an internationally recognized parenting expert, publications like Parents magazine and radio/TV talk show regularly quote her advice.


The Lunch and Learn Parenting Series is a valuable companion to The Parent’s Toolshop, both of which I turn to again and again as I work towards a balanced parenting style and effective communication with my family. I play the lectures while I walk, drive, cook, clean, or nurse — anytime I need to review, reinforce, and clarify what I’m learning in the book.

On difficult days, I take a little pressure off by listening to the talks. Then I can return, relaxed and confident, to my family. It’s like a mini parenting retreat. 

My mother told me that my eight-year-old has taught her how to use I-messages!For anyone new to The Parent’s Toolshop, these talks make a helpful introduction to the key concepts. 

I don’t think I will ever finish listening to them, just like I won’t finish the book, even though I may have read every word twice. I hear and read something different every time, depending on the challenges I’m facing at home.

                                — Andrea Bustos, GA