You will receive The Parent’s Toolshop® e-book, chapter-by-chapter, with each module. If you want a physical book and live in the U.S., you can get a copy for $5 off + S&H.

Here is the schedule/agenda for which week we will be discussing each module/chapter.  If you haven’t already done so, check your email for the link to register to receive the weekly webinar reminders with links to join the webinar or number to join by phone.

Week 1.    Introductions/Orientation

Foundation-Building Toolbox
Week 2.    Module 1: Introduction & Parenting Styles (Chapters 1 & 2)
Week 3.    Module 2: The Universal Blueprint® (Chapter 3)

Prevention Toolbox
Week 4.    Module 3: The Self-Esteem Toolset (Chapter 5)
Week 5.    Module 4: The Cooperation Toolset  (Chapter 5)
Week 6.    Module 5: The Independence Toolset (Chapter 6)

Child Problem Toolbox
Week 7.    Module 6: The Fax-Listening Toolset (Chapter 7)
Week 8.    Module 7: Bonus Module: Siblings (Chapter 8)

a.    Part 1: The Tools, Mediation Process, and Tips for the Top Ten Most Common Sibling Squabbles.
b.    Part 2: Demonstrations & Practice

Parent Problem Toolbox
Week 9.    Module 8: The Keep Your Cool Toolset – Part 1, Basic Discussions (Chapter 9)
Week 10.  Module 9: The Keep Your Cool Toolset – Part 2, Advanced Discussions (Bonus Handouts)
Week 11.    Module 10: The Communication Toolset (Chapter 10)
Misbehavior Toolbox
Week 12.    Modules 11 & 12: The PU & PO Toolsets (Chapters 11 & 12))
Week 13.    Module 13: The Discipline Toolset (Chapter 13)

Maintenance Toolbox
Week 14.    Module 14: The Family Councils Toolset (Chapter 14)
Week 15.    Module 15: The 3 C’s: Consistency, (Handling) Criticism, And Confidence (Chapter 15), plus:

a.    Bonus resources on Using the Universal Blueprint® in Adult Relationships.
b.    Graduation Celebration
c.  Bonus Resources For Graduates

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