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Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Parents Toolshop

Basic TIPS Course – Access

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The Parents Toolshop®
Basic T.I.P.S. Training Course
(Tools for Improving Parenting Success)

Welcome to the Parents Toolshop® Basic T.I.P.S. Training course!

Below you will find your course materials. Which include the following:

  • The “5 Easy Steps to Respond to ANY Parenting Challenge” Jump Start e-Book
  • The “Basic T.I.P.S. Action Guide.” Complete the questions related to each toolset as you finish that chapter.
  • “Lunch& Learn” Audios. Each of these downloadable zip folders include the 1-hr audio from a live training, transcripts and handouts.
  • BONUS from the Introductory TIPS course: The Secrets of Preventing Misbehavior: Practical Tools for Effective Responses 2-hr video from a live training.
  • As you are completing this course, please share your “aha” moments and success you experience by posting in the private Facebook group!
  • Attend the Support Webinar Series you selected. You should have received an email upon registering with a link to register through Zoom for the support webinars.  Use the Zoom link to join the webinar.
    • Please complete our program evaluation form and give us feedback, so we know what to continue doing well and where we can improve.
    • If you want a Parents Toolshop® Completion certificate, also complete the Final Review, which you will receive as a plain text email or can type into with this Word document. This documentation is usually enough for foster-adoptive parents to receive continuing education credits.
    • If you registered and attended 75% of a Group Support Webinar Series, you will receive a Graduation Certificate.   Graduates are eligible for many LIFETIME benefits, services and discounts.
    • If you want Continuing Education Credits for Counselors, Social Workers or Marriage and Family Therapists in Ohio (which will likely be accepted in other states and countries) also complete a CEU Evaluation form and submit it with the regular program evaluation form and your final review answers.

I hope you enjoy the course and get the tools that will make parenting fun and enjoyable.

Yours in Service,


  Simply apply the tools and tips in this training to YOUR family and see the results you get. 

To get Support From a Certified Parents Toolshop® Coach
to help you Master the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success System,
So You Can Apply it to EACH challenge YOU face with YOUR children —
to find a TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED Effective Response!

You should have received a separate email with the webinar registration link


By downloading any of the below digital products,
you are agreeing to abide by our digital product & download agreement

“5 Easy Steps to Effectively Respond to ANY Parenting Challenge”


In this jump start guide you will Learn the entire Universal Blueprint® for Parenting Success system in the shortest, most concise, fastest-to-read way.

  • Get all the Toolsets
  • Get all of the Top Five Five-Star Tools

Click here to download the e-Book


 Basic T.I.P.S. Universal Action Guide”

Get solutions to the Top Ten most common parenting challenges from an international-known and respected parenting expert, including: homework hassles, sibling squabbles, tantrums, and more!

Click her to download the Action Guide.


 Lunch & Learn Audio Series

Each deluxe audio includes a recording of a 1-hour live workshop (10 in all), a complete transcript, plus handouts to reference during and after the presentation. It’s a great way to get the 5-star tools and core concepts and tools of the Universal Blueprint®.


  • Session 01 – Blended or Tossed: Which is Your Parenting Style?
  • Session 02 – The Universal Blueprint®: The “No Longer Secret” Recipe for Preventing and Resolving Problems
  • Session 03 – Nutritious Appetizers That Boost Self-Esteem and Avoid Obese Egos
  • Session 04 – Get Cooperation Without Squeezing Juice Out of Kids
  • Session 05 – Serve Up Some Wings So Children Can Leave the Nest
  • Session 06 – Children’s Menu: How to Really Listen to Your Child
  • Session 07 – Tame the Fire of Anger and Stress Before You Get Burned
  • Session 08 – The Kitchen Stinks! Cut of “PU” Misbehavior Before You Get “PO’d”
  • Session 09 – Take the Bite Out of Discipline!
  • Session 10 – A Brainstorming Buffet: Family Councils & Using the Universal Blueprint In Adult Relationships

BONUS from the Introductory Course:

“The Secrets of Preventing Misbehavior: Practical Tools for Effective Responses” video

Below is the video/audio training in 7 parts. The total time to complete the videos/audios is approximately 2 hours long.

In the description with each video is a link to the audio file, should you want to download and save on a mobile device, to listen to whenever you want a refresher.

The handout for the entire program is next to the first video. Be sure to print it out; you’ll want to take notes!

Part 1: Introduction

  • Here is the handout for the entire training, to follow along and take notes.

Part 2: Will Your Parenting Style Help You Reach Your Goals?

Part 3: The One Tool To Use To Get Children To Do What You Want Them To Do The First Time You Ask

 Part 4: The Best Tool For Preventing And Stopping Power Struggles

 Part 5: What To Say/Do To Discipline Effectively

Part 6: Preview Of The Universal Blueprint®

Part 7: Application To Parents’ Questions

 Upon receiving your submissions, you will receive:
A Parents Toolshop® Completion certificate.

To receive a graduation certificate, attend 75% of the webinar support sessions. As a Parents Toolshop® Graduate,


Eligibility to get a Hug Seat (personalized problem-solving session) on Parents Toolshop® live webinars — only offered to Parents Toolshop® Graduates. 

(valued at $97)

One complimentary 30-minute private phone consultation per year (valued at $100)
50% off all consultation fees, Consultations are available by phone or, if you live near a Parents Toolshop® Leader, you can get an in-home coaching session.(valued at $100/hour.)

50% off any Toolshop® class the author offers (including on-line programs).

Eligibility to access Graduate resources not available to the public, such as the “Solve Your Own Problem Hintbook” ebook (valued at $49.95).

The grad support group really helped us. My husband and I went together. We brought in our list of questions about specific problems we were having such as dawdling and we then went home and tried out what we learned. It was great. We hope to attend again. — Patricia Schumm

July 12th, 2020
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