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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Parents Toolshop

Group Facilitator

Parent’s Toolshop®


Does Joy’s story sound familiar?

Joy has a passion for reaching out to help parents create healthy and happy relationships with their children.  She enjoys leading thought provoking discussions and sharing effective parenting skills.   However, she found herself pulling information from many resources and looking for a curriculum that pulls everything together

When Joy comes across something new and different, she really looks at it through skeptical glasses, not spectacles, reviewing the information in a very critical way.  So, when first came across Parents Toolshop® and Jody Johnston Pawel’s work – she put on those spectacled, critical glasses to see what she could find that she would disagree with.  However, as she looked through the Parents Toolshop® program she could not find anything to disagree with.  It is the most amazing, comprehensive parenting education program she has ever come across.  She felt so strongly so, that she became a Certified Group Facilitator so she could teach the program.

There’s nothing quite like the group dynamic, the lively, no holds barred, give-and-take format of the group setting that’s perfect for the Parents Toolshop® materials to be delivered, dispersed and discussed.

Group facilitators are a rare breed.  They must have the gumption to generate enthusiastic feedback, the skill set to ensure the topics stay relevant, and the expertise to pull things back if the group gets off track.

Parents Toolshop® Consulting, Ltd. makes all of this much easier.

When you become certified with us you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you went through one of the most comprehensive parent educator programs on the planet.

Parents Toolshop® Consulting, Ltd. offers advanced parent educator certification training for professionals who want to regularly use The Parent’s Toolshop® copyrighted materials to design and deliver family life education programs to diverse populations in a variety of settings. Group Facilitators are certified to facilitate educational groups that use or teach Parents Toolshop® concepts and skills. This page provides a summary of the Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitator Certification Process and links to more  detailed information so you can be like Julie and inspect it with a magnifying glass.

Here’s the Group Facilitator Certification Process in a Nutshell:

  1. Pre-requisites: (If you have not completed this, it is included in the Group Facilitator training package.)
    a. Complete the T.I.P.S. On-line Training and all related graduate requirements for leaders.
    Note: Steps 2 & 3 may be completed in either order.
  2. Complete the Advisor Training and all probationary requirements within two years of starting the certification process. Group facilitators cannot do 1-on-1 coaching until they have completed this level of certification.
  3. Complete the GROUP FACILITATOR Certification training
        a. Score at least 9 out of 11 points on a group facilitator skill assessment.
        b. Sign the Group Facilitator Agreement.
        c. Begin a probationary period of up to six-months, during which you’ll teach a full-length Parent’s Toolshop® class and submit the evaluations and skill assessments.
        d. Once you complete the probationary requirements, you will receive your final certification and access all the presentation resources PTC has — now and in the future.
  4. Report Annually: Complete an Annual Status Report every year to remain active.

This certification is perfect for you if you want to move up to a new plateau as a group facilitator, grow your clientele and become more skilled, respected and known.

If You Want to Empower the Parents You Work With,

Join the Parents Toolshop® Team Now!