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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Parents Toolshop

Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitator Certification Training Description


*Prior to starting this training program, all Leader Applicants must have successfully graduated from a live full-length Parents Toolshop® class or On-line T.I.P.S. (Tools for Improving Parenting Success) course & be an active Certified Parents Toolshop® Advisor.

There Are Two Training Format Options:

The in-person training is 3 days and may involve travel expenses for the applicant. If there are 4+ applicants in a geographic area who are ready for training, Jody Pawel will provide the training at their location if her travel expenses are covered. The training tuition fee is the same. If there are more than 4 people from one agency, group discounts are available. Live training programs may be videotaped to maintain ongoing updates to the on-line videos and to enhance other GF trainees’ learning experience.

The GF on-line training takes up to 6 weeks. (4 weeks to watch the videos and complete the workbook (about 2 videos/week) + 2 weeks to send in the practice video.) It is a virtual training, so we want the trainees to get the same level of personalized training the in-person trainees get, so Jody Pawel or a GF Certification Liaison will conduct tele-conferences regularly with trainees (see below for frequency).

Both Training Programs Have the Same Content/Agenda:

Description: The Parent’s Toolshop® is a comprehensive practical skill-building parenting curriculum that has been proven successful in more than ten years of field tests with over 2000 parents and family-service professionals. The Parent’s Toolshop® teaches a unique problem-solving process called the “Universal Blueprint®” that teaches parents how to prevent problems and find an individualized solution to those that arise. Only certified Parents Toolshop® instructors are trained and authorized to teach this process to others. The Universal Blueprint® is so effective that parent educators can use the Universal Blueprint® and model its skills to teach the process to parents. Parent’s Toolshop® instructors must do more than present parenting information; they are expected to conduct interactive activities, small group discussions, and practice exercises in their programs. In addition, they must market and evaluate their programs. These are all tasks not usually found through traditional social service education – but Parents Toolshop® instructor certification trains professionals to do all this. To maintain the high quality and positive reputation of The Parent’s Toolshop®, all potential Group Facilitators must pass stringent screening and complete a Parent’s Toolshop® parenting program (to learn/experience the curriculum) and other pre-requisites to be eligible to attend this specialized training.

Intended audience: Applicants interested in providing parent education and family life education programs based on The Parent’s Toolshop® curriculum who have completed the necessary pre-requisites.

Objectives: Participants will learn how to . . .

  • Establish and maintain professional ethics and standards in the parent education field.
  • Get started, conduct needs assessments and make decisions about fees, discounts and more.
  • Teach parents to think for themselves, using the unique “Universal Blueprint” and its practical skills to plan individualized effective responses to any parenting challenge.
  • Teach Parent’s Toolshop® programs, from comprehensive “full-length” classes to one-shot topic programs – and custom-design each program, to meet the participants’ special or diverse needs.
  • Be a dynamic, entertaining and informative speaker, effective group discussion leader and lead interactive activities that raise awareness while teaching skills, by learning advanced presentation skills.
  • Market programs in the community, using proven business strategies that are “tweaked” to meet the needs of social service referral agencies, program sponsors and potential program participants.
  • Evaluate participant skill improvement and custom-design outcome-focused evaluation tools, to track results, report successes and get funding!

Training Materials & Resources

The GF certification training fee is all-inclusive. All training materials are provided for the participants in a digital format. They may optionally purchase hard copies of them (print books, CDs, DVDs) if they choose. Upon successfully completing the entire certification process, the new Group Facilitator will receive access to every GF presentation resource that is available, again by digital download. These include, but are not limited to:

  •      Outcome Evaluation Skill Assessment Tool
  •      Interactive Activity Directions
  •      Puzzle Masters (crosswords, seek & find, etc.)
  •      Flip chart size House Blueprint poster
  •      PowerPoint presentation file
  •      Publicity Masters and aids
  •      Class Graduation Certificate Master
  •      Presentation outlines, handouts and PowerPoint slides for Parents Toolshop® programs, including:
    • Lunchtime topic series (10 sessions)
    • Teens & Parents Together (6 week follow-up for graduates & their teens)
    • Teleseminar series to present live
    • Individual topic presentations, such as: backtalk, bedtime, bullies, difficult people, tantrums … and dozens more!

We are adding workshops and programs constantly and whatever we create our trainers can use!

GF Training Agenda:

DAY 1 (Live or Video 1)

Overview of training
• Variety of uses of TPT
• Getting Started

 Ethics – Standards and Practices

• Certification process & probation, etc.
• Recertification
• Levels of certification

 Core Skills:

• Cultural Sensitivity and Issues in Parent Education
• Effective Speaking
• Using Interactive Activities in Parent Education Groups.

DAY 2 (Live or Videos 2-4)

Using and modeling The Parent’s Toolshop® to teach The Parent’s Toolshop

     Prevention Toolbox:

• Leadership/Teaching styles
• Using the Universal Blueprint in group settings
• Motivating through encouragement ~ engaging resistant participants
• Preventing and responding to participant power struggles
• Teaching skills, building participants’ independence and motivating responsibility

      Child (Student) Problem Toolbox

          • Using F-A-X to empower parents

      Parent (Leader) Problem Toolbox

• Expressing concerns assertively, maintaining the group’s focus
• Responding to participant “misbehavior”
• Setting limits and following through

     Maintenance Toolbox

• Making consensus group decisions
• Maintaining your confidence
• Responding to criticism

DAY 3 (Live or Videos 5 & 6)
Marketing The Parent’s Toolshop®

*There are two different training tracks:

– One for Non-profit organization staff who are marekting to the community or their clients
– One for independent individual consultants who are building a speaking business.

While some of the methods and strategies the universal approach to marekting that we teach is to share information and help solve problems instead of “selling.”

Group Facilitator Reporting & Skill Assessments

• Performing parenting skill assessments
• When and what to report to PTC

(Still Day 3 of Live training or independently in on-line training)
Practice Presentation: Participants present topic or activity from the Class Outline

• This is done live in live training option or by video for on-line training option.
• Receive evaluations on your presentation

Leadership skill assessment and final paperwork completion

Total class hours = 18

CEUs: This program has been approved for Continuing Education Credits for the Certified Family Life Educator program through the National Council on Family Relations, 20 contact hours or 2 CEUs. The State of Ohio Counselor and Social Worker Board as approved this program for 22 hours. CEUs also available for foster parents with caseworker approval. Please indicate on registration form if you want any of these CEU certificates.

The GF On-Line Training Process:
The on-line training differs from the live training in the following ways:
Applicants watch SIX videos of the Live GF training.

  • Applicants complete a workbook while watching the video, handwriting their answers in the book.
  • Applicants pause the tape after the video group reads practice exercises, to write their own answer.Then they watch the group’s discussion and jot down any reactions/comments to the discussion.

Applicants have a “Processing” Interview with the GF Certification Liaison after every 2 tapes

  • Processing interviews last up to 2 hour each and address any questions the applicant may have.
  • If there are more than 1 applicant ready to start the training, there will be group conference calls. These are recorded and available to all GFs.

Applicants submit a video of their 20-30 minute practice presentation

  • Home video quality is fine. The GF Certification Liaison is the only one viewing it.
  • The presentation involves a group of at least 4 adults, who can be friends, relatives, family, etc.
  • After the practice presentation, participants complete an evaluation form, giving it to the applicant.
  • Applicants submit completed workbook, practice presentation video and evaluations and GF certification forms to their GF Certification Liaison.
  • The GF Certification Liaison watches the practice presentation video and completes an evaluation.

PTC sends a completion certificate and returns the completed workbook and practice video.

Upon completion of the GF certification training, the following happen:

  • The trainee receives a training certificate. This verifies completion of the training course (for CEU purposes) but does not authorize the trainee to start training parents just yet. First, the following requirement must be met.
    • The applicant must score 9+ or higher on the Leader Skill Assessment and get at least 80% Good or Excellent ratings on his/her presentation.
    • Applicant completes probationary requirements. (See the S&P manual for full details.) Briefly, this entails:
      • Teaching 4 hours of Toolshop® programming to at least 4 people, covering at least 3 toolsets.
      • Having each probationary program participant complete a program evaluation form
      • Submitting a “Probation Report” provided with the on-line training materials.
      • Completing these probation requirements within two years or forfeiting their certification.

Once all the above requirements have been met, the Applicant receives final certification as a Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitator. Depending on the type of GF they are, they may begin training parents:

  • Non-profit staff may only provide free or low-cost parenting classes (fees only cover their expenses) to their clients or low-income, high-risk parents in the community, provided only through their agency and only for their regular pay.
  • Parents Toolshop® Team represents RTTI/PTC and may provide any parenting programs, live or online, using PTC’s website, webinar platform, for a fee they set, without directly competing with other certified PT trainers.
  • Independent consultants may begin building a business and providing live and on-line classes independently in their geographic community or assist in delivering Parent’s Toolshop® on-line courses for a fee/commission.

For More Information and to Compare these options CLICK HERE!