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Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Parents Toolshop


Attention Consultants, Coaches, and Counselors:

Get Your Parent’s Toolshop® ADVISOR Certification and

Catapult Your Practice to New Heights

Does this sound like you?

Deanna has a Masters in Counseling, a Bachelors in Political Science, and pre law dual major in Psychology.  She is very educated and has a passion for serving others.

Before finding Parents Toolshop® she had worked with children and families as a counselor for 12 years.  She always had the trouble of families bringing in the “identified patient” (the kid acting up) and saying, “Here’s the kid.  You fix him up.  Leave me alone, I’m out of here.”  Even the few times (out of the 100’s of families she worked with) when she had parents who actually wanted to be involved and part of the therapy, Deanna never had an effective, reliable system to share with them.  She only had her theory & philosophies.  She did not have the practical information, tools or words that she could help them with when they were back in their own homes so they could handle situations as they came up.

That was before she took the Parents Toolshop® Consulting (PTC) course, became a certified advisor/group facilitator and got a job as a parent support coordinator because of her PTC certification.  With the marketing tools PTC taught, Deanna was able to increase the outreach of the programs being offered.  In a short time with consistent effort, they went from 30 classes serving only 100 people to 225 classes serving over 400 people.

Deanna received international recognition for being such a dynamic speaker who marketed her parent education programs in the area she lived so successfully.  Deanna credits PTC for giving her the guidance and support for being so successful.


Like Deanna, Parenting coaches, counselors and consultants are always looking for new ways to sharpen their axe, to stay ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge, with the most accurate and effective teachings out there.

When you add The Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula to your toolkit you’ll see a major shift in the way you provide your services.

This formula is incredibly effective in empowering parents to find individualized solutions to any parenting challenge.  It’s no wonder that coaches and counselors around the world are turning to The Universal Blueprint® as their go-to strategy.

This Advisor certification program is for professionals who currently work one-on-one with parents or are planning to in the near future.

Here’s How it Works

First of all, you should know that Parents Toolshop® Advisors don’t just hang a shingle and take out ads in the paper.

They go through a thorough training process and become authorized to use Parents Toolshop® teachings, including the proprietary Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula (UB), to provide elite levels of individual coaching, consultation or counseling to parents.

At Parents Toolshop® we leave no stone unturned and nothing is left to chance.  We will never leave you hanging, wondering what to do next.  We take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way.  (Clear definitions and guidelines are in the Standards & Practices manual, which you will receive upon your application being accepted.)

Let’s take a look at what’s involved, so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Advisor Classification Levels

  1. Level I: Certified Coaches (All certified Advisors will qualify for this level.)
  2. Level II: Certified Family Professionals (have a license, certificate or degree, such as: CFLE, LSW, etc.)
  3. Level III Advisors: Licensed Independent Practitioners (have license, certificate or degree and an independent practice already established, such as therapists and psychologists.)

Summary of the Parents Toolshop® ADVISOR Certification Process

  1. Pre-Requisites:
    a. Complete the T.I.P.S. On-line Training and all related graduation requirements for Leaders. (Included in the Advisor certification package.)
  2. Complete the Advisor Training where you learn how to:
    a. Facilitate 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions,
    b. Conduct Group Coaching Calls,
    c. Provide 1-on-1 Coaching, and
    d. Market your Advisor services.
  3. Sign a Parents Toolshop® Advisor Service Agreement.
  4. Get Probationary Experience:
    a. Conduct 5 supervised Group calls (Gold/Grad)
    b. Conduct 5 supervised Strategy Sessions
  5. Report Annually

OK Now it’s Decision Time…

You know what goes into this, and we’ve given you some idea of what is possible when you use the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula in your practice.

Now it’s time to start imagining what you can accomplish as a PT Advisor , what you want to get out of it, and how it will help you reach your ultimate goals.

We can get you there faster, and it can all start right now.

 If You Want to Empower the Parents You Work With,

Join the Parents Toolshop® Team Now!