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Like Us On Facebook! Follow Us On Twitter! Watch On YouTube! Pinterest
Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Parents Toolshop

Access Your Graduate Benefits

Congratulations! You are now a Parent’s Toolshop® Graduate!


  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME 50% discount on all coaching fees (by phone or local home) ($100/hour value) Just order coaching services by 15 minute blocks (change quantity) and use coupon code GRAD50. Your confirmation email will provide a link to schedule your appointment.
  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME 10% DISCOUNT on any Parents Toolshop® resources. Go to and use coupon code GRADRES10.
  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME 50% discount on all Parent’s Toolshop® parenting programs for you or your family members when you register on-line. (up to $2500 value) Use the discount code “GRAD” in the checkout page.
  • LIFETIME F-R*E^E MONTHLY Graduate Support Calls: You have monthly access to Jody or other Certified Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitator, for any questions or clarifications you and other graduates might need — for life! ($100/hour value) As long as you remain on our mailing list, we’ll send you invitations.
  • LIFETIME F-R*E^E 24/7 Secret Parents Toolshop® Graduate Support/Discussion Facebook Group. You have constant access all the other Parents Toolshop® graduates and leaders worldwide, anytime!  Just post your questions about how others have use the Universal Blueprint® in your situation, start a discussion to find out what other like-minded parents think, share resources that are consistent with Toolshop® teachings, get ideas for brainstorming solutions! Just use this invitation link to join this private group.


ALL-INCLUSIVE: get all the above, plus access to ALL our Online Training programs & digital resources that exist now AND IN THE FUTURE — at more than a 90% discount! Including:

  • All current and new/future books as e-books – pre-publication ($49.95+ value);
  • All online courses, including the Advance online T.I.P.S. online series. ($297 value.)
  • Over $500 in Bonus Resources, including all of the digital parenting resources that currently exist — and any updates or new resources I create in the future! Including:
    • 11 x 17” Universal Blueprint® Digital Poster ($7.95 value);
    • Lunch & Learn Parenting 10-set Audio Series ($147 value);
    • The Parents Toolshop® Teleseminar 13-Audio Album ($199.95 value),
    • Universal Blueprint® CHOOSE YOUR OWN SOLUTION Parenting HintBook ($47.95 value).  This interactive e-book walks you through the UB® to find a customized solution to the challenge you are facing that second.

This option gives you immediate secure access to ALL the resources, not over 10 weeks. With lifetime access to these training programs & resources, you can take “a refresher course” anytime AND get personalized support at no extra charge — FOR LIFE!

The value of this training program is over $3000 and is priced at $997 for non-graduates
($2729.80 PLUS $44.85/month or $538.20 per year)
but Current Parents Toolshop® Graduates can get this upgrade on graduation night for:
a one-time, lifetime fee of $279
3 monthly payments of $97.


SPREAD THE WORD! Lastly, I encourage you to support other parents you know by sending them to The Parent’s Toolshop®!

  • Send us a testimonial. This is especially important if you are a part of a new niche pilot program. What means the most to other parents considering Parents Toolshop® programs and resources is hearing from other real-life parents like them, about the results you got and differences you see.

Please consider putting aside any self-limiting beliefs you have about being on camera or being recorded and SEND JODY A THANK-YOU VIDEO, telling her what you thought of the class. We don’t want you “selling” anything or “promoting” anything. We just want to capture some of the amazing things you say to Jody anyway. Some of the things parents say to us/Jody we can’t say ourselves!

People wouldn’t believe half of the miracles parents report. But if you share your story yourself, they will want what you got! Thanks in advance. (If the file is too big, please send using a free file sharing program like or

As you can see, graduating from a Parent Toolshop® Training Program, while a major accomplishment for you to have completed, is just the beginning of our relationship! And our relationship is very important to me. I look forward to a lifetime of supporting each other through challenges and celebrating successes.

Yours in Service to Families,



Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE