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The Universal Blueprint® is a reliable universal parenting plan anyone can use with any child at any age that can be custom-designed to fit the unique circumstances of each situation, family or child to prevent problems or find the most effective response --- in seconds!  Add in trauma-informed, research-based content and you have the Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop®! 

Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop® offers a variety of training programs to learn, use and apply the Universal Blueprint®: from basic-to-advanced, quick overviews to in-depth, skill-based and topic focused, live in-person and on-line. Here is a quick round-up off all we can to offer you.


Monthly Topic Webinars
1 hour of live training each month!

The Foster-Adoptive Parents Tool Talk® show is a radio/podcast, webTV/webinar show featuring interviews with trauma-informed parenting experts and live discussions about hot topics foster-adoptive parents want to discuss. Each session is recorded LIVE with Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, author of the award-winning book, "The Parent's Toolshop: The Universal Blueprint for Building a Healthy Family"  and a group of committed, capable foster-adoptive parents and family professionals from around the world. 

Each webinar is one hour, live. Attend the live webinars free of charge. Become a member to access the archives and earn long-distance training hours.

This class taught me skills to cope with my children. Our family is now talking and listening to each other. I could use more classes to keep up with our growing family. The kids are more enjoyable and learning the skills for themselves. --- Candace McCabe

Basic FAPT T.I.P.S. (Tools for Improving Parenting Success)

Want a proven parenting plan to personalize to your needs? Like to learn on your own time and at your own pace? Then attend this intermediateindependent training program, which shows you how to use the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success System to prevent and respond helpfully to the challenges you are facing today. 

Just read a chapter of The Parents Toolshop® Quick Start Guidebook and and read/complete the Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop® Action Guide, to apply what you learn to your family. Submit your answers for long-distance training hours.

Jody’s systems help you parent your children without having to solely rely on your emotions to be the guide. A.J. Bentley

I feel like I have learned and used more skills from this workshop than any other. I now have a whole new way to look at things and am excited to see the changes in my family. --- Cheryl A. Neff

Advanced FAPT T.I.P.S. (Tools for Parenting Success)
Includes: Book + Videos + optional Support

This is THE absolute-best Foster-Adoptive Parent's Toolshop® course that gets the most outstanding, consistent results. That's because you are taken by the hand and shown exactly what to say and do to get the results you want. It's the most fun, edu-taining way to learn the Universal Blueprint® system that’s trauma-informed, research-based, and advanced yet easy to digest and process. 

Complete each of the 6 modules by reading a chapter of the The Parent's Toolshop® Jump Start Guide, watch a video (1-3 hours) of a live foster-adoptive parent training workshop,  and complete a master review cheat sheet and optional practice exercises to apply what you are learning to your family. Submit them for your certificate.

You can even attend optional live support webinars for personalized support and coaching. This helps you be accountable, process and apply what you are learning, ask questions, and get personalized coaching to help you master the skills. You'll even discover how to leverage all you learn to improve 
all your relationships, even those with other adults! If you want to transform your parenting, family and life, this is the course to take. 

I have been a foster parent for 3 years and attend 10 hours of training each year. This is by far the most useful and helpful of all the seminars we have attended. It's the one that gives me practical techniques that I actually use every day. --- Cathy Miller

This course was like winning the lottery, I quickly used the techniques and it worked immediately! It was awesome getting everything I needed to help my child grow up safe and strong all in one course. --- Susan Elias

Topic Presentations for Foster-Adoptive Parents

As Jody is able to videotape her live presentations, she continues adding to the evergreen training programs offered at Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop®. Keep checking back to see what new workshops have been added. Better yet, become a member and get some of them free each month!

I truly can take what I have learned from this class and use it with children and adults with positive results. The approaches that Jody has taught me facilitates better communication in my relationships at home and work. --- Chioma Patterson

This program has been very informative and an eye opener as to how to raise and handle your kids. --- Becky Supinger



Invite Jody to Speak to YOUR Parents & Staff!

Jody has 30+ trauma-informed workshops for foster-adoptive parents that have been approved by the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program. She also trains foster-adoptive parents outside Ohio. Get her speaker kit and a list of her trauma-informed programs and invite her to speak at your next foster parent conference. Better yet, bring her in for a few days or week and get train your staff and foster-adoptive parents in the entire system!

I wanted to let you know how much our agency enjoyed your presentation of The Parent's Toolshop®. Our foster parents said the information was very beneficial with their biological children, as well as with their foster children. We were particularly fond of the real life applications of the material, the detailed illustrations in the book, and the great use of diagrams and pictures you used to explain the skills involved. I feel that our staff and foster parents would greatly benefit from another training. --- Thomas W. Tamplin, Coordinator of Community Relations, Youth Services Network of Southwest Ohio

Become a Certified Foster-Adoptive Parent’s Toolshop® Trainer & Coach

Get certified as Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop® Trainer, so you can offer these proven-effective programs to the foster-adoptive parents in your state (or country!). You get personalized training and access to all the workshops' presentation materials, lifetime support, and all new programs as they are developed! 

To become a certified trainer, you will follow the same steps as all other Parents Toolshop® trainers, except you'll take the foster-adoptive version of each course. You'll complete the Advanced Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop® T.I.P.S. course, then move on to our standardized Advisor (coach) and Group Facilitator (trainer) certification training programs. Once you are certified, you can get access to both curricula, the original and foster-adoptive parent specific, so you can serve all the parent in your community.

I became aware of Parents Toolshop® as a foster parent, when we had three children all under four, including my adopted son and two siblings. It was overwhelming for all of us. My husband and I both took a class that was being offered by Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop® and   were just blown away with all the information that was shared. When I attended the full-length series through my private foster parent agency, to learn even more skills and learn more about the Universal Blueprint®, everything started coming together and I saw how everything fit. I liked what I learned so much, I thought I'd like to be able to serve other parents and offer this to them. So I took the group facilitator training and started teaching parents and foster-adoptive parents in my area. It's been an amazing journey. --- Belinda Long