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Jody Johnston Pawel is a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Family Life Educator, and second-generation parent educator. Jody has been involved in the child protective service field since being Wright State University’s Outstanding Social Work Graduate of 1981, specializing in child abuse research. As a caseworker, she was in the Sexual Abuse unit and on a multi-disciplinary community-based planning team. Since 1983, she has been training parents from the community, including protective service birth parents, foster parents and caseworkers. She has been on the training staff of the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program since 2002. Jody also serves as a parenting expert to the media worldwide and has created over 100 multimedia resources for parents and parent educators, including an award-winning book and the trauma-informed, research-based training curriculum  Foster-Adoptive Parent's Toolshop®.

Jody has collected research findings, information on trauma-informed care, and the wisdom of countless foster-adoptive parents. She's compiled them into edu-taining workshops you can attend live online or through our evergreen online courses specifically for foster-adoptive parents. 

Our Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop®
Certified Leaders and Content Contributors

Belinda Long, BS Elementary Ed., has over 20 years’ experience working with special needs children and foster-adoptive parents. She is a foster-adoptive parent herself and has been a certified Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitator and Parent Coach since 2011. Belinda’s kindness and humor is endearing to all, while sharing her skill and experience using Parent’s Toolshop®’s practical parenting system and its tools.

I became aware of Parents Toolshop® as a foster parent, when we had three children all under four, including my adopted son and two siblings. It was overwhelming for all of us. My husband and I both took a class that was being offered by Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop® and   were just blown away with all the information that was shared. When I attended the full-length series through my private foster parent agency, to learn even more skills and learn more about the Universal Blueprint®, everything started coming together and I saw how everything fit. I liked what I learned so much, I thought I'd like to be able to serve other parents and offer this to them. So I took the group facilitator training and started teaching parents and foster-adoptive parents in my area. It's been an amazing journey. --- Belinda Long