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Foster-Adoptive Parents Change the World
One Heart at a Time!

The goal of Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop® is to support and guide you with exceptional, real-world tested, evidenced-based programs and resources for learning the special language and actions required to be the best foster-adoptive parent you can be.  

Throughout our programs and rsources, you'll find "trauma-informed" parenting skills that explain how a trauma history affects children: their thoughts, emotions, learned behaviors, trauma triggers and even their genetic indicators.   You'll also discover what’s really happening under the surface. Science and research have made some amazing discoveries about childhood development, the biology of belief and emotions, and trauma-informed care. You will understand how childhood abuse and neglect can disrupt the natural progression of a developing child, exposing the root of behaviors and how to promote healing in a new environment.

Our innovative programs have been proven effective with tens of thousands of parents worldwide for over thirty years and have over 10 years of impressive documented results!

At Foster-Adoptive Parent’s Toolshop® you will find programs and resources that:

-   Provide practical Done4U solutions that offer helpful responses to the most common foster-adoptive parenting challenges and issues. These are not cookie-cutter solutions: "If your child is doing this, do this." Instead, they reveal the underlying reasons why the problem may be happening. Then, based on which reason fits your situation, there are step-by-step directions to follow to resolve that core issue. This is how you get personalized solutions that bring lasting results!

-   Empower you with a proven problem-solving system you can personalize to your needs, so you can think for yourself, understand how to reveal the why's behind your parenting challenges, and plan a helpful response totally customized to your child or family's needs.

-   Reveal hidden processes that drive your parenting, relationships and life choices, so you can experience major breakthroughs, heal or re-parent yourself, connect with ALL your children on a deeper level, and see the higher spiritual lessons parenting offers.

-  Incorportes trauma informed parenting so you are more aware of how trauma affects development and behavior and how to identify trauma triggers and help children heal from the trauma they have experienced.


Foster-Adoptive Parent Ongoing Support Opportunities

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Practical Trauma-Informed Training for Foster-Adoptive Parents

Live & Online Training Programs

Foster-Adoptive Parents Toolshop® offers a variety of training programs, all on-line, both live and evergreen (available 24-7-365). From a one hour topic program to a 12-hour series where you learn the trauma-informed version of the Universal Blueprint® for Parenting Success, you can choose the time and topics you want to attend. Depending on how deeply you want learn the system, have breakthroughs, and experience transformation Parent’s Toolshop® offers several levels at which you can learn: introductory, basic, intermediate and advanced. Choose the optional support options to get personalize support in applying the plan to your needs and finding a helpful response to any parenting challenge you face! 

This is by far the best workshop we have attended. Every week we learned things we could take home and apply immediately. In many areas it introduced a whole new way of thinking (and talking). --- Cheryl A. Neff