The Family Bed...
Is It Right For You?

Deluxe Audio/Video Package

How many parents have you heard say they get no sleep the first few years after having a baby? It’s almost a given!

The parents you won’t hear saying that are those that have a family bed.

But family beds have gotten a lot of bad press, due to the potential dangers. So is this a practice you should even consider? And if you do choose to have a family bed, how can you do it safely and eventually get children sleeping on their own?

These and more are what is discussed in this audio/video resoucre package, with Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE

Bonus Resources

In addition to the audio and video recordings of the webinar, you get these additional bonus resources:

Quick links to articles on these topics:
   *  What to do when children wake in the middle of the night and want to sleep in the family bed.
   *  “Is The Family Bed An Option For You?” to help you make a decision.
   *  “Not Sleeping Comfortably in The Family Bed.”  for advice on what you can do.

After watching and listening to the resources, you’ll be able to decide if "The Family Bed" is right for you and what to do when you decide it is time for the children to be sleeping in their own bed. Get your copy of this multi-media resource including webinar, audio, and bonus resources.

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