Teaching Children Diversity Awareness and Appreciation
Deluxe Audio/Video Package

Diversity is everywhere; it's the color of Life. So how do you handle those sometimes embarrassing questions your children ask about someone who's different? In this presentation, based on the "Teaching Diversity Appreciation" section of The Parents Toolshop® book, you'll discover:
  • Ten tips for teaching children to celebrate and appreciate diversity, not just "tolerate" it.
  • How to prevent or respond to children's question, which can be embarrassing or offensive to others.
  • How to encourage children's celebration of diversity in everyday life

These and more are what is discussed in this audio/video resoucre package, with Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE

Bonus Resource

In addition to the audio and video recordings of the webinar, you get this additional bonus resource:

   * Excerpt from Chapter 6 ofThe Parent's Toolshop® book on this topic.

After watching and listening to the resources, you’ll have a better understanding of diversity and how to teach your child to appreciate the differnces and uniqueness each individual has to share. Get your copy of this multi-media resource including webinar, audio, and bonus resource.

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