Corporal Punishment

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Which “camp” do you currently reside in and which would you like to?
The pro-spanking camp, who uses spanking and other forms of corporal punishment, and endorses it.
    “What that kid needs is a good spanking!”
    “I was spanked and I turned out okay.”
    Spare the rod spoil the child! (Not quoted, because there is no such quote in the Bible.)
    “If you don’t spank or punish kids in ways that hurt, they’ll never learn their lesson.”
    “A little swat on the butt, hand or cheek won’t hurt them.”
    “As long as you follow rules for using corporal punishment, so it’s not abuse, 
       it’s okay to use it.”
    “I’d rather spank my child than let them run wild.”
    “Hey, if it ‘works,’ do it!”

The anti-spanking camp, who doesn’t want to spank or use other forms of corporal punishment, but doesn’t know what else to do, so they either still spank or don’t discipline effectively.
    "I don’t really want to spank, but I get so frustrated and angry and run out of options!"
    "I feel just awful after spanking my child, but I don’t know what else to do!"
    "I was just so angry I lost it."
    "I threaten to spank, but don’t follow through, because I really don’t want to spank them."
    "In all the years I spanked, I wanted my kids to tak resonsibilty for their actions,
       but what I was doing made it impossible for them to do that. They could only
       focus on me hurting them."
The conscious parenting camp who doesn’t spank or use other forms of corporal punishment and knows healthy alternatives to use for communication and discipline.
    “I used to expect immediate obedience from my children and spank them if they didn’t comply.
     Now I understand the difference between punishment and discipline and options I can use
       that ‘work’ even better!”
    “It was hard not to turn to the quick fox that never solved anything and left everyone upset,
       including me. Now that I know what to do instead, we find solutions and all feel better
    “The positive change in my children’s behavior was amazing when I stopped spanking.” 
    “It's wonderful to see the joy, happiness, and love in my childrens eyes, instead of fear when
       they look at me.” 
    “I thought if I stopped spanking it meant I’d stop disciplining. Now that I know the difference
       and have the words to say and actions to follow, I can respond calmly and encourage them
       to talk things through. Now, because they have the freedom (because I'm not making them
       feel bad) to look at themselves and their actions, they choose better behavior, are
       responsible, and self-disciplined. It's awesome.”
Amazingly, despite decades of research public education about the negative effects of spanking and other forms of corporal punishment, spanking is still a controversial hot topic and the majority of parents in America still spank. This is usually because they reside in the first two “camps” above.
Are you in the second “camp,” don’t really want to spank, but don’t know what else to do? Or are you in the third “camp,” and want research to back up your choice not to spank, due to pressure from the first camp? If you said “yes” to either, then this teleseminar resource package will empower you with the knowledge and skills to discipline your children without spanking.

Listen in on a one-hour, thought-provoking, live workshop and discussion with parenting professionals and real-life parents, just like you, who face, head-on, hot topics such as:

  • Controversies about pro- and anti-spanking legislation, 
  • What research says about the effectiveness of corporal punishment, 
  • The Truth about the Myths of spanking and other forms of corporal punishment.
  • What discipline tools you want to have at your disposal..
  • ... and more!

This deluxe resource package includes:

  • Digitally remastered Audio
  • Full Transcripts
  • All the Handouts and Resources Available to the Original Participants
  • ... and more!

Bonus Resources

In addition to the audio recording and transcript, you get these additional bonus resources:

  • Links to research updates.
  • An Essay from Dr. Alvy 
  • Article series by Jim Rogers on spanking
  • Link to a TV interview  with Parents Toolshop® author, Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, titled "From Punishment to Discipline"
  • PowerPoint slides from Jody's Discipline workshop
  • Chapter 13: The Discipline Toolset, from The Parents Toolshop® book
  • ... and more!

After accessing these resources, you'll feel empowered with the knowledge and skills to discipline your children effectively, without risking the possible negative outcomes that can come from using spanking and other forms of corporal punishment. You'll be amazed how self-disciplined your children become, which allows you to spend less time being angry and punishing and more time enjoying each other and creating deeper relationships.  Click this link to play a sample (or right-click to download)Then get your copy of the full one-hour audio recording, transcript and bonus resources.

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