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Do you have good intentions and make a conscious effort to be an effective parent? Are you tired of falling into old patterns or getting triggered and reacting? If you're ready to feel confident and  competent in your parenting,  the first step is to understand what's actually driving your parenting style and decisions --- your subconscious programming!

Discover the 3 Keys of Conscious Parenting

Every Parent Was Once a Child...

We believe every parent is doing their best...

We believe that every parent is doing their best, but because they were also once a child, they have preconceived notions, beliefs, and habits that were imprinted on them as a child. So despite their good intentions, healthy goals, and efforts to be consciously aware of their parenting decisions and actions, this programming can derail them, sending them into old, unhelpful reactions. Once you understand the process that programmed in your current parenting style, you can take the first step to re-program your parenting to get the results you want. This free program will help you do just that!

The 3 Keys to Conscious Parenting Resource Package Includes

Key 1. Is Your Childhood Running — or Ruining — Your Parenting?

Become a more Conscious Parent, free of trigger buttons & old patterns programmed in childhood.

Key 2.  What Is No One Else Teaching About Parenting Styles?

Set Healthy Parenting Goals, that will help your children develop the skills and qualities they need and guide your decisions.

Key 3. Blended or Tossed? What’s Your Parenting Style?

How to create a personalized parenting plan that gives you the best chance of reaching your goals.

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Bonus 2. Improve Teamwork with Your Parenting Partners

What NEW Parenting Styles Research Just Discovered? 

(That we've been teaching 25+ years)

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The Three Keys of Conscious Parenting