(for T.I.P.S. training participants)

The Conscious Parents Toolshop® Support Webinars include:  

  • LIVE SUPPORT: Discuss, process and apply what you are learning with other conscious parents. These webinars are like getting two support webinars in one, because the first hour focuses on the core parenting content and the second hour focuses exclusively on conscious parenting and those topics. Both hours offer personalized coaching around any specific challenges or questions you may have that might be unique to you. (Valued at $100/hour coaching, but priced at a 75% discount or $297 for 12 hours)  
  • SPECIAL FOCUS BOOK: The Conscious Parents Toolshop® Action Guide, which is included with the add-on support webinars. This ebook offers bonus information and resources specifically related to conscious parenting, for each Toolset. (Valued at $47)  
  • PRIVATE DISCUSSION GROUP: Stay connected, share resources, ask questions and get ongoing support through a Private Facebook group -- This private FB group is a place you can ask questions about the course content, share success stories, and get support from other participants, Certified Parents Toolshop® Advisors and me. (Value is priceless!)  


WEBINAR RECORDINGS? Each webinar will be recorded and available to registered course participants, if you are unable to attend live. 

GRADUATE BENEFITS: By adding a live support webinar option to your evergreen on-line class and attending 75% of the live support webinars, you are then eligible for lifetime graduate benefits, including ongoing support and discounts.  

BONUS GIFT: Receive a free LIIFT consultation, so you can clear your subconscious operating system of any beliefs that are holding you back from being your very best in any area of your life! (Valued at $90) 

Your Support Webinar Facilitator

CEO, Relationship Toolshop® International Training Institute, LLC

Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, Author of The Parents Toolshop®, CEO of Relationship Toolshop International Training Institute, LLC  

Jody empowers parents with a unique system and practical tools for preventing common challenges and planning customized responses that fit each family's needs. She is an award-winning author of 100+ multimedia resources. As an internationally-recognized parenting expert to the media and top-rated speaker, Jody has trained over 50,000 parents and family professionals worldwide the past 30 years.

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