Halting Bedtime Hassles
Deluxe Audio Training Package

"Discover How You Can
Avoid World War III

When You Announce That
It's Bedtime!"

"If bedtime battles are wearing you down
and draining your patience,
 you’re not alone!"


     Do your children dig in their heels and refuse to go to bed (or stay there)? 

     Claim that monsters are hiding in their closets?

     Take the prize for lame excuses?

     Cling? Feel lonely and insecure?

     Get revved up but can't wind down?

     Or lay down, but can't get to sleep?

If you are tired of being a referee and want your children to know how to resolve conflicts with their siblings and peers, then this resource package is for you.

Getting children to bed, happily and cooperatively, is one of the most common challenges parents face.

Did you know that all bedtime problems fall into one of five categories?

When you understand all five, you’ll quickly figure out which category fits your problem, and you can easily create the best solution for your child. A solution that works swiftly, effectively, often permanently — and with no long-term negative effects!

Where can I find out about this process?

During this recorded teleseminar, Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE guides you as you discover:

• How to make bedtime a pleasant experience for everyone
• How to get children into bed and off to sleep (for the whole night!)
• The five reasons children misbehave, and how to deal with each one
• Practical solutions to the top ten types of bedtime hassles

Your Halting Bedtime Hassles Teleseminar Resource Package includes:

• The recording and transcript of the live teleseminar discussion, along with an invaluable Question & Answer session.
An accompanying handout, The Keys to Preventing and Stopping Misbehavior.
Step-by-step responses to the top ten types of bedtime hassles. 
• Links to articles on
bedtime-related  topics, including dealing with tantrums and fun bedtime games to play.

Bonus Resource:



Just how much can ONE teleseminar change your bedtime experience? Even with problems that are extreme, or that have gone on for a long time?

Every parent who has used this bedtime plan has reported improvement. Quite a few have had nearly-miraculous results. 

We have had 6 years of opposition to going to bed with every excuse known to man and usually some sort of angry outburst/misbehavior. So after class this week, I read word-for-word your bedtime advice article and teleseminar package. The next night was completely different. I did what you said and he looked at me and said, "OK".  Then he walked himself to bed quietly as if he had been waiting his whole life for me to say those words.  He did not come out of his room and was asleep within 5 minutes!  I am still a little freaked out about it, but it has been working and we are so relieved!  I wish I could say we are ecstatic too, but we are too tired from six years of bedtime struggles.    Mary Mancuso

What would you give to end your bedtime battles once and for all? Invest just $14.95 and a few hours now to create a lifetime of beautiful bedtime memories with your children — transforming them from stressed to blessed. Then you can allow yourself to enjoy some evening time nurturing yourself and your other adult relationships. Click here to play a sample (or right-click to download)

The complete deluxe resource package is valued at over $247.
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