Discover the Basics of Using the Unique
Universal Blueprint® for Parenting Success System!

1. Reading The Parent's Toolshop® Jump Start Guide Ebook

1.  The Parent’s Toolshop® Jump Start Guide e-book is the fastest resource for learning the basics of the Universal Blueprint Parenting Success System: the three questions to answer to get on the best path to a solution, the five steps to take in your effective response, and the best five tools to use in that response.

It's a quick read, but gives you the basics that you need. It also includes a supplemental Action Guide, with links to additional resources, practice exercises, and examples. 

The Jump Start Guide is invaluable. I can't believe it has the Universal Blueprint® all on one page! Seriously, it's like how to parent is on one page! When you are a parent, you barely have time to read. So to have these very concise, but very effective, packages was super-helpful. I could read each chapter in about 15 to 30 minutes tops, which can fit in my schedule. It was nice to just get to the heart of the matter, with a story and an illustrated point. It was very effective. Yet each section is like a pearl that you can dive into more, if you want to. You just go to the Action Guide that has links to more information, including the original advanced book. --- Anjali Brannon

2. Listening to the Lunch & Learn Audio Series

2.  Listening to the Lunch & Learn Audio Series. (A $147 value.) This 10-audio series offers an hour-long audio recording of each live Parents Toolshop® class presentation. It’s like being a fly on the wall in a live Parent’s Toolshop® class, where you can benefit from the class discussions and parents Q&A. Best of all, it highlights for you the most important tools in the Universal Blueprint® to know and use. 

This Audio Series is a valuable companion to The Parent's Toolshop® book, both of which I turn to again and again as I work towards a balanced parenting style and effective communication with my family. I play the lectures while I walk, drive, cook, clean, or nurse -- anytime I need to review, reinforce, and clarify what I'm learning in the book. On difficult days, I take a little pressure off by listening to the talks. Then I can return, relaxed and confident, to my family. It's like a mini parenting retreat. For anyone new to The Parent's Toolshop®, these talks make a helpful introduction to the key concepts. I don't think I will ever finish listening to them, just like I won't finish the book, even though I may have read every word twice. I hear and read something different every time, depending on the challenges I'm facing at home. --- Andrea Bustos

3. Submitting Study Guide & Evaluation

At the end of the course, just submit:

- An 88-question study guide
. Just answer a few of them after each Toolset chapter.

- A program evaluation. You can choose from the parent evaluation or, if you want to receive Continuing Education Credits, choose that form. (See details below.)

All-Inclusive Package Includes 
BONUSES Valued at over $1000!

The Parents Toolshop® Introductory course, "The Secrets of Preventing Misbehavior: Practical Tools for Effetive Responses," which is a two-hour video of a live introductory presentation (valued at $97)

FREE Parenting Strategy Session (valued at $97). In your strategy session, you will identify your top parenting challenge and get support in creating a custom action plan.

FREE access to the Parent's Toolshop® Private Facebook Discussion Group. (valued at $179/yr)
Upon receiving your submissions, you will receive:
A Parents Toolshop® Completion certificate.

To receive a graduation certificate, choose one of the support webinars and attend 75% of the sessions. As a Parents Toolshop® Graduate
, you will then be eligible to receive

Eligibility to get a Hug Seat (personalized problem-solving session) on Parents Toolshop® weekly live webinars --- only offered to Parents Toolshop® Graduates. 
(valued at $97)

One complimentary 30-minute private phone consultation per year (valued at $100)
50% off all consultation fees, Consultations are available by phone or, if you live near a Parents Toolshop® Leader, you can get an in-home coaching session.(valued at $100/hour.)

50% off any Toolshop® class the author offers (including on-line programs).

Eligibility to access Graduate resources not available to the public, such as the "Solve Your Own Problem Hintbook” ebook (valued at $49.95).

The grad support group really helped us. My husband and I went together. We brought in our list of questions about specific problems we were having such as dawdling and we then went home and tried out what we learned. It was great. We hope to attend again. --- Patricia Schumm

You have up to six months to complete the Basic TIPS course, but can complete it sooner. If you have not completed it by six months from the purchase date, you will not receive a completion/graduation certificate and your status will be listed as “Incomplete.”