The Parents Guide
to Anti-Bullying

Deluxe Multi-Media Package

What to do when your Child is the Target, Bully, or Bystander?

Bullying seems to be a problem for children and parents almost everywhere. Whether your child is the target, the bully or the bystander, you need to know what to say and do to be a part of the solution. Get this audio/video presentation and bonus report to discover:

  * What to do if your child becomes a target of bullies.
  * Why some children become bullies & what to do if your child becomes one of them.
  * What you can do if your child is being cyberbullied.

Bonus Resource

In addition to the audio and video recordings of the webinar, you get this additional bonus resource:

  • Excerpt from Chapter 8 ofThe Parent's Toolshop® book on this topic.

After watching and listening to the resources, you’ll know what to say and do if your child is being bullied, is the bully or is a bystander. Get your copy of this multi-media resource including webinar, audio, and bonus resource.

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