The Parents Tool Talk® WebTV Show Starts
12:00 noon Eastern on
Date To Be Determined, 2017
in celebration of our 25th Anniversary!

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Parents Tool Talk® WebTV Show

Tips for Tackling Today's Parenting Hot Topics

Children haven’t changed, but the world sure has! When you were growing up, you probably never had to deal with some of the issues your children are facing, and neither did your parents. Some parenting challenges are ancient and universal, others are unique to living in today’s busy global world, and some are so new everyone seems to playing catch up!

You need to stay on top of the hot topics affecting today's parents and families. So attend the live weekly one hour Parents Tool Talk® show featuring parenting experts, tips, and answers to parents’ burning questions, so you know how to tackle the most common parenting challenges facing today’s parents, skillfully and confidently.

Join me live and become a member of our community to access all the archives.

Get Access to The Archives

Parents Toolshop® has offered a weekly or monthly calls and webinars for parents since 2007. Each one provides practical tips for preventing and responding helpfully to the most common challenges parents face. Many offer Done4U solutions and timeless tools that are proven effective with children of all ages.  Some feature parenting experts on particular topics. To access these archives, choose an option below. 

  1. If you you want to access one or a few recordings: Purchase them ala carte.
  2. If you want access to all of the past, present and future recordings: Become a member of the Parents Toolshop® Parent Success Club. Your membership will include access to all the archives and to the private discussion group, so you can get your questions answered live on the show (by submitting questions) and between calls in the discussgion group.
Not sure which to choose or never heard a show? Archives of the original Parents Tool Talk® radio show are available free of charge at